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Additionally, institutions conduct the same reviews to ensure that high-profile inmates will not be overlooked.
In most departments, high-profile crimes garner high priority, not only because of the gravity of the crime but also because of their high solvability.
The Libby case, which centers on the former vice presidential aide's alleged role in the leak of a CIA officer's identity to the press, is just one high-profile matter that consumed Wells in 2006.
Users of the New York subway system can see our design work in high-profile facilities that range from Grand Central Station in 1998 to the recently opened West 72nd Street Station.
Although Nelson's arrest is unrelated to the new law, it is the first high-profile arrest since officials announced the crackdown.
High-Profile Losses Accentuate the Need for Arcot Strong Authentication to Combat Identity Hijacking
Over the past few months we have seen a number of high-profile companies take new space, renew existing leases and, in some cases, expand their operations within our portfolio.
She just wanted to make sure I was paying attention to what was going on and use it as an example of what kind of temptation is out there, especially for high-profile athletes.
Since 1962, JBG has built numerous long-term relationships with high-profile owners, partners and lenders, as well as impeccable reputation for integrity, discretion and fiduciary responsibility.
Whatever the district attorney said was drowned out by the press conference,'' said Mark Geragos, a prominent Los Angeles attorney who himself is wrapped up in the high-profile defense of Scott Peterson in the Laci Peterson murder case.
This contract is an additional milestone win among a string of recent high-profile deployments of Smiths Detection's advanced trace detection solutions.
But two brothers have the inside track on baseball celebs, as well as other high-profile clients.
The film will remain in approximately the same number of theaters this weekend as ``Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle'' barrels into release followed a week later by two high-profile sequels: ``Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde'' and ``T3: The Rise of the Machines.