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Synonyms for high-priced


Synonyms for high-priced

bringing a high price

Synonyms for high-priced

having a high price

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The BIR chief explained a unitary rate system on cigarette could have been prevented smokers from down-shifting from high-priced brands, such as Marlboro, Winston and Lucky Strike, to low-priced brand, like Mighty.
New Jersey) bottling location on a low-quality juice did not make the consumers more positive about the product one week after trying the product, but helped them to remember that the high-priced or the Florida-bottled juice was bad," said the authors.
If Nomar's production falls, can Drew or Kent or any of the high-priced players pick up the offensive slack?
To keep track of new customers, department stores are asking those who buy high-priced goods to become holders of their credit card.
Federal banking regulators recently have sounded alarms about prospective risks to banks from ARM loans made in high-priced areas to stretch housing affordability.
Christian Miller, director of research for MKF, noted that basic demographic trends favoring sales of mid to high-priced wines are still present.
I no longer publish high-priced B2B newsletters, so you could say I'm no longer stuck in the old paradigm.
For a few years, their position was beleaguered, and it looked like the high-priced beer market might become the province of domestic specialty brewers.
Many paleontologists have criticized such high-priced sales, charging that they encourage the commercialization of fossils and inhibit research (SN 12/13/97, p.
acquisitions in cash while competitors forked over high-priced stock.
If you don't have a local eco-store, or if yours is a high-priced boutique, Kevin Connelly suggests "poking around' in stores where you ordinarily shop.
Are high-priced toothpastes more abrasive than cheaper brands?
Those high-priced vendors add value to public information in any number of ways, some of them arduous and beneficial.
The industry average click fraud rate for high-priced search terms remained at 20.
But as 2006 begins, most ferrous scrap processors find themselves eager to keep buying and selling scrap (ferrous as well as high-priced copper and aluminum) and say they don't see the signs that might point to a rapid fall.