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Synonyms for high-pitched

Synonyms for high-pitched

Synonyms for high-pitched

used of sounds and voices


set at a sharp or high angle or slant

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Halperin said: "A couple of times when I spoke to Michael I thought his voice did not sound like that high-pitched voice which he put on for so many years and I respect that.
The Rocky Mountain elk stag is known for his display of high-pitched bugle calls (around 1000 Hz, roughly the soprano high c, or [C.
It's high-pitched, almost like a continuous cricket, but long and steady.
Perhaps it's the high-pitched whine of their engines - it gets to you after a while.
The idea was inspired by Compound Security's Mosquito alarm, based on the fact that most adults gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds and designed to stop louts loitering around shopping centres without upsetting adult customers.
When they notice a bug, they begin to make fast, high-pitched noises that, in general, get faster and higher as they close in for the kill.
But while the youngster squirms at the high-pitched whining sound being blasted at him in a Chronicle test, not everyone can hear it.
Equipment designed for studying bats picked up high-pitched chirrups in the calls of the concave-eared torrent frog Amolops tormotus, says Albert S.
Throughout the screening Haino's improvised voice and guitar, starting in the dark as a slow, high-pitched wail even before the film began running, brilliantly followed the film's trajectory, with electricguitar riffs punctuating the vocals, the voice eventually swelling into an almost primal scream and the instrumentals increasing accordingly in volume and urgency.
Q Whenever we turn on the shower in our spare bathroom, the pipes emit a high-pitched squeal.
Even the sound of having a tooth filled can be painful: That high-pitched whine yon hear when drill meets tooth is the sound of healthy enamel being pulverized.
Symptoms in babies may include high temperature, vomiting and refusing feeds, a high-pitched moaning or whimpering cry, blotchy complexion, and being lethargic or difficult to wake.
Bailey's husky voice easily swings between high-pitched Hollywood wannabe starlets and the various lower tones of Hollywood moguls, CIA spies, and the terrorists.
Naaz Hosseini's voice slips from a serene hum to a full-throated wail to a sweet high-pitched lilt, flavored by her roots in Armenia and Persia.
She described the tinnitus as a high-pitched ringing that was louder on the left.
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