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They are developed and sold by some of the traditional high-performance computing vendors, such as IBM, high volume PC manufacturers, such as Dell and HP, and a new breed of cluster computing vendors that includes LinuxNetworks, Rackable Systems and RackSaver.
The Unisys ES7000 family of Orion servers will be used to demonstrate the advantages of large-scale multiprocessing servers based on Microsoft and Intel technology for high-performance computational requirements.
Extem resins provide exceptional high-performance, while eliminating the drawbacks of other materials, delivering a powerful combination of part manufacturing ease - using any of several plastics processing techniques - with ultra-high thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties.
We are delighted to be working closely with Microway to provide the industry's largest and most powerful RPU in the company's scalable, high-performance platforms," said Larry Laurich, CEO at DRC.
The #1 high-port count Serial ATA RAID controller line, AMCC's 3ware([R]) family of SATA RAID storage solutions deliver cost-effective, high-performance, high-capacity storage for enterprises and consumers worldwide in applications such as disk-to-disk backup, near-line storage, network-attached storage (NAS), video, and high-performance computing.
Lustre powers many of the world's largest high-performance computers, surpassing the scalability limits of its competition and easily serving clusters with thousands of nodes and hundreds of terabytes of data.
the leader in high-performance data protection solutions, today announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2006 that its award-winning S2100[R]-ES2 Virtual Tape Library (VTL) system has attained certification as fully compatible with Oracle[R] Secure Backup, tape backup management software that delivers secure, high performance network tape backup for Oracle Databases and file systems.
With our LAN solution, customers can immediately deploy new high-performance LAN-centric applications, which were not previously possible," said Sanjay Sharma, chief strategy officer for Ample Communications.
Ample Communications, a leading provider of innovative Ethernet silicon for wired communications, today announced availability of its quad-port high-performance GbE for volume servers.
The new campaign showcases our compelling and differentiated knowledge, experience and capabilities, directly supporting our high-performance position and strategy.
Ample Communications, a leading provider of innovative Ethernet silicon for wired communications, today introduced its high-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) silicon for the volume PC market.
YottaYotta's GSX 3000 offers a suite of Global Block Services that sets a new standard for high-performance, resilient global data sharing and fully-active business continuity, also known as continuity of operations (COOP).
Today, Objective Interface Systems, the global leader in high-performance, real-time and embedded communications middleware, and Interpeak, a pioneer of Internet and networking technology for embedded systems, announced a technology integration that results in higherperformance embedded systems on a network.
SilverStorm's high-performance InfiniBand products for Mac OS X provide 10 and 20Gb/sec, low latency interconnect with multi-protocol support through a single server connection, improving performance and dramatically simplifying the data center, earning "Best Mac OS X Server Solution" accolades in the 10th Annual Apple Design Awards at the 2005 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).
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