high-pass filter

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a filter that passes frequencies above a certain value and attenuates frequencies below that value

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The size of the dictionary D is 64 x 8, and the cutoff frequency of the high-pass filter fs is 300 Hz, with forgetting factor e= 0.
The raw cutting sound signals were processed by the digital high-pass filter (FIR, degree = 64, cutoff frequency [f.
Unlike traditional ear plugs currently used by concert-goers, event spectators and musicians that distort the sound by "muffling" the mid and high frequencies, Comply (TM) Foam Plugs use acoustic baffling and high-pass filters to even out the sound blocking across the entire frequency spectrum.
In addition, the Sabre32 Reference integrates a digital high-pass filter for DC removal, supports output sampling rates up to 200kHz and consumes less than 50mW.
This high-pass filter is designed to reduce wind noise when recording with portable devices.
One involves the use of a line-level hookup, which has a fixed, 6-dB-per-octave, high-pass filter at about 100 Hz in combination with a variable low-pass filter working at 12 dB per octave.
Additional filtering options include a programmable high-pass filter, for wind noise and other extraneous noise reduction, a programmable IIR filter and an advanced programmable ALC with noise gate in the ADC path.
A high-pass filter suppresses constant light and low frequency alternating light, and a low-pass filter reduces high frequency interference.
In my view, the lack of high-pass filtering is not a good thing, because without a high-pass filter taking care of the satellites, they will run full bandwidth if the sub is hooked up the old-fashioned way between a preamp and power amp or with the speaker-level hookups.
To create the AmpTraXX intelligent amplifier, we initially started with a generic four-pole switched capacitor, which allowed us to implement a high-pass filter only, with no gain adjustment to speak of," said Jim Carstensen, director of engineering at Alcorn McBride.
It was (literally) a black box that included a notch filter to help deal with the "room boom" caused by floor-to-ceiling reflections and a high-pass filter that made the system into a 6th-order system on the bottom end, increasing low-bass response down to the high teens and imposing a sharp cut-off below.
However, the unit has no way to high-pass filter its output to the satellites.
5V, an integrated high-pass filter for DC offset removal, a linear phase digital anti-alias filter and overflow detection make the CS5381 the most complete analog-to-digital high performance solution for audio systems.
Multi-Function Modules Include a High-Pass Filter, a Hybrid Transformer, Transmit and Receive Separation Filters and a Common Mode
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