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(used of loans) charging a relatively large percentage of the amount borrowed


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Additionally, these high-interest loans are expected to be paid back in a very short timeframe, putting pressure on the borrower to scrape up the money.
Debt charity StepChange have slammed those who tempt cash-strapped people into taking out high-interest credit.
"Savings banks often refer to themselves as banks for the working class, but their high-interest loan practices have yet to be eased," said an FSS official.
A 2016 survey by ACORN of its members showed that high-interest loans were availed because of non-availability of credit card, lines of credit and no overdraft protection.
Payoff, a financial wellness company, has partnered with Chicago-based Alliant Credit Union to help consumers eliminate high-interest rate credit card debt with the Payoff Loan program, the company said.
Unfortunately, passing laws restricting access to high-interest loans won't solve the underlying financial problems that drive service members to use the services in the first place.
McVey slashes poor people's benefits, then her campaign benefits from a company selling the high-interest loans her victims take out to feed their children.
"Hair and nails has always been a high-interest category for international and regional exhibitors at Beautyworld Middle East," said Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of Epoc Messe Frankfurt.
This six-book series covers a wide range of high-interest, current issues for teens.
Despite promises that they would clean up their act, the high-interest lenders haven't changed their spots if the experience of many indebted customers is anything to go by.
Steve Carey, council head of welfare and benefits, said: "We want people to reject these high-interest lenders and use other forms of borrowing if they need to - like the credit union."
A CREDIT Union is to open another office in the centre of Cardiff today as part of an expansion of its operations to serve as an alternative to high-interest payday lenders.
Mr Cuthbert and his predecessor Huw Lewis have both targeted expansion of the credit union movement as an alternative to high-street banks and high-interest payday loan merchants.
Las Vegas, NV, August 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- With national sales studies reporting new-car financing has reached 68.6 percent of new-car sales and with 60 percent of those sales relying on a high-interest loan, the risk to car buyers of a financial loss in the event of a total write-off is very high.
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