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cymbals that are operated by a foot pedal

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The more mature Handshake almost sounded like proper grown-up math-rock, and while others from the new canon are still dogged by that ubiquitous high-hat drum pattern, there's enough variation to suggest a more engaging future.
"Communion": Street corner spotlights, cupped hands,/spit-crossed palms: solid air pressed/through teeth and lips into high-hats,/kicks, snares and even bass; the moment/passed round like a chalice or smoke/and riding it all, always, someone/with a need to be heard.
Made from UL-compliant, high temperature, flame-retardant plastics, Fluorescent Fixers are perfect for high-hats and track light cans.
Set in the seedy underbelly of New York City, the film focuses on the gang rivalries which exist in the five boroughs, covering gangs such as The Furies, The Boppers, The Rogues, The High-Hats, The Lizzies, The Turnbull ACs and The Gramercy Riffs, to name a few.
At Progress Lighting, the innovation was decorative recessed trims that convert high-hats to softer light fixtures with a spring-loaded mechanism.