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Synonyms for high-hat

to treat in a superciliously indulgent manner

characteristic of or resembling a snob

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There's the shiny pop songs with jangly guitars, leapy falsetto choruses, off-beat high-hats and deeply catchy hooks.
Again, we're teaching the lineman to have a much longer first step vs high-hat pass sets.
We turned right and entered the forest, skirting the edge of the hill on a mound of loose rocks, which reminded us of their instability with a resounding crunch from each step followed by the skitter of a few rocks racing into the abyss - like a bass beat with a high-hat brush.
anyone expecting a rave track, with its waves of choirboy panoramas and too much high-hat.
Frothingslosh, with his bowtie, pencil mustache, eye monocle and high-hat.
high-hat cymbals, multiple bells end other percussion accessories), and fearless leader of the avant-garde New York City-based band Timbalaye, Ralph Irizarry resumes his vision of taking the Latin jazz form to new heights with this latest effort.
Destroy another and it's a high-hat or a keyboard swirl.
IT'S NOT unusual to go for weeks in Northern Ireland without as much as a high-hat or a phat bassline.
Research is a high-hat word that scares a lot of people.
Before this excursion into the underground, you need to know that Jenkinson is part of the British jungle/drum and bass scene, with its heavy, bone-rattling bass mixed with rapid-fire, high-hat drums, bathed in electronics and sampling beats from other records.
Later, during the 1920s and 1930s, high-hat cymbals - at first less than one foot high and called low boys (Papa Joe Jones told me in 1981 that he invented the longer rod which brought the high hat to its present, aptly named height, but the Leedy drum company stole his idea and took all the rewards) - bass drum pedals, manufactured mounted and floor tom-toms, and larger cymbals came to be included in the drumset.
And much of the "alternative" theater that emerged in the late 1960s was no different: Disaffected from the high-hat culture mavens, the avant-garde simply had a different idea of which narrow audience constituted The Saved.