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Synonyms for high-handed

Synonyms for high-handed

given to haughty disregard of others


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Mosseri also acknowledged the criticism that Facebook had acted high-handedly by completely changing the media landscape for six countries without warning or input from stakeholders, stating that the company would be "updating the way we evaluate where to test new products, and how we communicate about them".
It is a depressing development that they can high-handedly release a statement crafted on their own terms and refuse to comment further than that.
It comes off less as a strategy and more as a confession of profound insecurity and the fact is that most people who behave high-handedly do it because they are meanspirited and need to compensate for their limited intelligence.
But doesn't Ms Blencowe offer herself as a target for criticism when she high-handedly institutes a range of Draconian rules at a Castle Vale school, where she's recently taken over as head?
On Tian Ziang farm, Liu's sister-in-law high-handedly oversees the rows of Zambian men and women hoeing the fields by hand; they are not working fast and hard enough for her liking, and they take time off to go to church on Sundays.
The DPJ-led administration used its superior weight of numbers to manage Diet affairs even more high-handedly than Liberal Democratic Party-led administrations did.
For raising the bond on a defendant as punishment for asking to recuse the judge, and for high-handedly shutting off pro se litigants seeking protective domestic violence injunctions, Seminole County Judge Ralph Eriksson will be publicly reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court.