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Synonyms for high-handed

Synonyms for high-handed

given to haughty disregard of others


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The First Minister said the "high-handed, arrogant and dismissive" attitude of the Tories towards Scotland during May's premiership has made the break-up of the UK inevitable.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 3 (ANI): Terming the arrest of DK Shivakumar as "high-handed tactics and vendetta politics", the Congress on Tuesday said it is yet another attempt by the government to distract the public from their failed policies and economic crisis.
He criticised the high-handed approach of banks and said that they need to push reforms in order to promote customers' needs.
IN their zeal to collect enhanced taxes to meet the government's target, Federal Bureau of Revenue officials are using coercive and high-handed methods to extract unreasonably high taxes, even from those who have been regularly paying taxes for the past many years.
Missing Persons' Relative Committee head Rashid Rizvi said that they will not back down by these 'high-handed tactics' and would continue their protest until their loved ones are recovered.
CONSULTATIONUsing the same scales of fairness, the issue with Dr Matiang'i's directive is that it comes across as high-handed and without any specific parameters for compliance and comprising vague and generalised threats.Such directives for more stringent betting law amendment proposals give the industry mixed signals, creating unnecessary uncertainty.
In 2002, Abid Boxer made stage artist Nargis the victim of his high-handed violence.
Manananggol sa EJK (Manlaban) also decried the arrest and said that 'arresting, detaining and charging the lawyers, ironically, with obstruction of justice shows how police have become brutal and high-handed in their operations, especially in those involving drugs,' the group said in a statement.
"ECP must take notice of this government's arbitrary, high-handed approach, which is against all democratic norms," he added.
" ECP must take notice of this governments arbitrary, high-handed approach, which is against all democratic norms," he added.
Lawyer Siti Kasim said the home minister must look into the police's allegedly 'high-handed' raid on her house over a kidnapping claim last week that she insisted authorities would have known was false if they had only verified matters with her.
The applicant finding no other way moved to the Karachi Press Club for lodging his complaint against high-handed police SHO and seek relief from the higher authorities to intervene and save innocent victim.
But high-handed powers Theresa May gives ministers in her EU Withdrawal Bill make this uncertain.
Instead I managed to be both rude and bum-clenchingly high-handed.