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a gesture of greeting or elation

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Passing that thing around in a stall in the men's bathroom, we couldn't stop high-fiving and cracking up.
"When they were going out the door, they were high-fiving each other," said a grocery store worker.
Not since the coverage of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake have telecasts worked so hard to avoid showing gay people on camera: interminable shots of coach Cheryl Miller's hair weave; fathers with bored sons, hanging like limp boy boas on their shoulders, standing in a sea of short-haired women--any angle to avoid those square-bottomed high-fiving bevies of big butches.
A LOLLIPOP man who won a battle with council bosses after they banned him from high-fiving children has died at the age of 84.
"All the marines who had been high-fiving us on the way in were in ninja mode.
My son is 10 and has been high-fiving the lollipop man since he started school."
It (high-fiving) was one of a number of safety issues raised with the school crossing patrol before he made the decision to resign.
But the visibility of athletes like diver Mary Ellen Clark, who was a portrait of power and composure, and the great, muscular sprinter Gail Devers, and the fabulous, hugging, high-fiving women's basketball team represents a welcome change in our sense of what women can be and do.
FROM walking your dog on a long lead to high-fiving an elderly lollipop man, councils in Greater Manchester have banned some bizarre things over the years.
A LOLLIPOP man once known as the happiest in Scotland has told how he quit in disgust after council bosses banned him from high-fiving kids.
AS barmy decisions go, this one takes some licking Grumpy council bosses have banned happy lollipop man Nkosana Mdikane from high-fiving kids and dancing while he gets them across the road safely.
It's not just about the distance you travel, dodging missiles and electric balls, it's the mini-missions that will grab you - high-fiving 15 scientists along the way, collecting 500 coins in one game or travelling 300 metres in one of the five special vehicles.
THE HIGH-fiving 83-year-old lollipop man has had his ban lifted after council bosses admitted they were 'wrong.'.
He said: "High-fiving hasn't been banned as far as I'm aware.