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characterized by minimal distortion in sound reproduction


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The increase in students' mean post-test scores, and high scores they received from the performance evaluation support that practice performed in low fidelity with training and partial task simulators, high-fidelity environment and scenario application are effective methods.
PSE's equation-oriented platform gPROMS products include the gPROMS ProcessBuilder flowsheeting and custom modelling environment for optimizing fluid process design and operation and the gPROMS Operational Excellence Solutions (gOES) for operational monitoring, optimization and planning based on high-fidelity models.
Powered by artificial intelligence and virtual machine orchestration, Project Ares takes cybersecurity training out of the lecture hall, and into immersive, interactive, high-fidelity cyber range environments that are accessible 24/7.
"There is an immediate need for a high-fidelity simulator with realistic female anatomic features to provide medics with enhanced training and experience in the management of female combat casualties."
is a world provider of real-time high-fidelity simulation, providing a wide range of simulation, training, consulting, and engineering solutions to the power and process industries.
Training sessions took place in the simulation lab within the Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) at London Health Sciences Centre using a high-fidelity simulator Laerdal SimMan 3G in conjunction with a "dummy" hemodialysis treatment using the Fresenius 5008 dialysis machine.
A highly skilled instructor and educator working with the RACT method composed the description of the two cases, with the low-fidelity case corresponding to approximately 35 points on the CSI-R, and the high-fidelity case corresponding to approximately 85 points.
When it comes to VR, Greenberg said that Microsoft does not consider high-fidelity VR as part of console gaming.
Greenberg continued on by saying that there will be no Project Scorpio exclusive titles as they "don't want anyone to be left behind." What actually separates Project Scorpio and the other versions of the Xbox One is that it's a lot more powerful because it can handle high-fidelity virtual reality.
Ayman Al Sharaa, briefed Queen Rania in the presence of medical students on the High-Fidelity Manikin, which is an advanced human patient simulator.
A man of about six feet, the patient opens his eyes, blinks, and says, "I have chest pain." This isn't a real life event because the patient is a high-fidelity simulator known as "Sim Man," but the technological advances this newest piece of equipment can offer the nursing program at CCCC greatly enhances student skills.
This retrospective study examined the effectiveness of high-fidelity simulation (HFS) in a senior maternity baccalaureate nursing program.
Behavioral triggers will be combined with high-fidelity simulation to provide real-time interactive learning and evaluation opportunities for trainees.
The purpose of this article is to share teaching-learning strategies through use of low-fidelity, medium-fidelity, and high-fidelity simulation with an emphasis on high-fidelity simulation through the use of birthing simulation mannequins.
The Thermo Scientific Phusion Green High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase and Luminaris Color qPCR master mixes use proprietary tracking dyes to speed up the pipetting process.