high-energy physics

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the branch of physics that studies subatomic particles and their interactions

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The U1071A digitisers are designed for use in research and educational experiments such as high-energy physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, medical imaging and commercial ultrasonic testing, three-phase power testing, automated test equipment, and the validation of mixed-signal semiconductors.
Among Fermi's many contributions to high-energy physics, he was the first to suggest a workable way for cosmic-ray particles to be accelerated to near-light speeds--just the kind of thing Fermi was built to stu
This will allow scientists to test various theories regarding high-energy physics and perhaps even unveil secrets to the structure of the universe itself.
Synchrotrons may have been designed with high-energy physics in mind, but now biologists are starting to see the light too.
On comparison with the co-authorship networks of scientists in physics, high-energy physics, biomedical science and computer science, our results show that the physics teaching communities are highly fragmented on a global scale by forming many small clusters (or local groups) around the world.
The accomplishment by Ken Takayama and fellow members of the team at an interuniversity research facility in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, may open the door for possible Nobel Prize-contending discoveries involving high-energy physics.
Traditional scientific high-performance computing applications such as high-energy physics research, environmental science and weather prediction, aerospace engineering, seismic data analysis, and signal and image processing, have been joined by a new wave of industrial applications.
TITECH uses its AMD Athlon MP processor-based system for building a large grid computing infrastructure, which is in turn used for various high-end applications such as terascale data processing in high-energy physics, advanced bioinformatics, large scale numerical optimizations, etc."
The manufacturing process that makes the chips is a cross between photo processing and high-energy physics with a trip to the car wash thrown in.
The award reportedly recognises technologically significant products across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, optics, high-energy physics, materials science, chemistry, and biotechnology, and provides a mark of excellence recognized by industry, government, and consumers.
Yee, "Baryons in AdS/QCD," Physics Letters B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, vol.
Physicists mostly in Germany, but also elsewhere in Europe and in the US, provide colleagues at any level from green student to grizzled gray-beard with practical advice on the various statistical analysis tasks typically encountered in high-energy physics, and the appropriate techniques for dealing with them.
Dr Bill Brocklesby from the ORC said that a typical CAN laser for high-energy physics may use thousands of fibres, each carrying a small amount of laser energy.
Department of Energy has announced, dashing hopes that the 25-year-old atom smasher in Batavia, Ill., might win a transatlantic race to find the most sought-after elementary particle in high-energy physics.
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