high-energy physics

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the branch of physics that studies subatomic particles and their interactions

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McIntyre, a professor since 1980 in the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the inaugural holder of the Mitchell-Heep Chair in Experimental High-Energy Physics within the George P.
The department's advisory panel on high-energy physics had recommended that the Tevatron operate for three additional years after the European consortium CERN announced in early 2010 that its more powerful Large Hadron Collider would close down during all of 2012 for repairs.
Traditional scientific high-performance computing applications such as high-energy physics research, environmental science and weather prediction, aerospace engineering, seismic data analysis, and signal and image processing, have been joined by a new wave of industrial applications.
TITECH uses its AMD Athlon MP processor-based system for building a large grid computing infrastructure, which is in turn used for various high-end applications such as terascale data processing in high-energy physics, advanced bioinformatics, large scale numerical optimizations, etc.
The manufacturing process that makes the chips is a cross between photo processing and high-energy physics with a trip to the car wash thrown in.
The high-energy physics team's demonstration of "High Speed LHC Data Gathering, Distribution and Analysis Using Next Generation Networks" achieved a bidirectional peak throughput of 114 gigabits per second (Gbps) and a sustained data flow of more than 110 Gbps among clusters of servers on the show floor and around the world.
Anyone starting professional research in any field of theoretical physics--even those areas not related to high-energy physics and the theory of elementary particles--should have a basic understanding of "the standard model" of elementary particles and fields, declares Sadovskii (physics, Ural State U.
3] is pleased that Physics Letters B and Nuclear Physics B participate in this initiative, as these journals have played since long an important role in High-Energy Physics literature," said Salvatore Mele, SCOAP3 project manager at CERN.
Our group and its partners are showing how massive amounts of data will be handled and transported in the future," said Harvey Newman, professor of physics and head of the high-energy physics (HEP) team.
A summary of the bill, issued by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi notes the Office of Science "funds research in such areas as climate science, biofuels, high-energy physics and fusion energy sciences--areas crucial to our energy future.
Aimed at select graduate students in the field of high-energy physics, the school consists of a series of lectures on selected topics given by active researchers in the field.
it was right to call lattice QCD the black sheep of high-energy physics," adds Kronfeld.
Argonne supports basic and applied scientific research across a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from high-energy physics to climatology and biotechnology.
The research involves high-energy physics experiments at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University, Fermilab near Chicago, Cornell University in upstate New York, and the European Nuclear Energy Center in Geneva, Switzerland.
Electronic tubes are the enabling technology behind radiotherapy cancer treatments, microwave medical therapy and high-energy physics.
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