high-energy physics

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the branch of physics that studies subatomic particles and their interactions

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Any disappointment at the closing of the Tevatron is tempered by my wonderful memories of my time at Fermilab, when the Tevatron was cranking out discoveries and it was the center of the high-energy physics world.
Anyone starting professional research in any field of theoretical physics--even those areas not related to high-energy physics and the theory of elementary particles--should have a basic understanding of "the standard model" of elementary particles and fields, declares Sadovskii (physics, Ural State U.
Our group and its partners are showing how massive amounts of data will be handled and transported in the future," said Harvey Newman, professor of physics and head of the high-energy physics (HEP) team.
A summary of the bill, issued by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi notes the Office of Science "funds research in such areas as climate science, biofuels, high-energy physics and fusion energy sciences--areas crucial to our energy future.
They provide coverage of the experimental techniques for the creation and study of Fermi quantum gases and present the theoretical foundations for understanding the properties of these new superfluid atomic systems, which provide an ideal laboratory for investigating quantum many-body phenomenon important to such diverse fields as high-energy physics, condensed matter, astrophysics, quantum information, and quantum gases.
While orchestrated by researchers at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), much of this research and equipment development and construction has and still involves members and organizations of the global high-energy physics community--including a significant number in the U.
The CAS Institute of High-Energy Physics (IHEP) will join forces with the CAS Institute of Physics to set up an IHEP branch in Dongwan as the corporate body for the SNS construction project and the future lab.
it was right to call lattice QCD the black sheep of high-energy physics," adds Kronfeld.
Argonne supports basic and applied scientific research across a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from high-energy physics to climatology and biotechnology.
The research involves high-energy physics experiments at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University, Fermilab near Chicago, Cornell University in upstate New York, and the European Nuclear Energy Center in Geneva, Switzerland.
Electronic tubes are the enabling technology behind radiotherapy cancer treatments, microwave medical therapy and high-energy physics.
Washington, Dec 14 (ANI): Holy Grail of high-energy physics - the predicted but elusive Higgs boson - is almost within reach, according to CERN Physicists.
Britain) has expanded the string theory lectures he delivered at summer schools in England in 2001, Scotland in 2002, and Canada in 2003 for students in theoretical high-energy physics who had just completed their first year of graduate study.
Intended readers include students and researchers in HPM systems, radar, communications, and high-energy physics.
It was the year 2000, and scientists at a European particle collider observed possible traces of the subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson--the presumed origin of mass itself and the most-wanted quarry in high-energy physics today.
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