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New Delhi (India), Mar 08 ( ANI ): It's high time to get over bride-groom pre-wedding shoot - the time has come for saas-bahu jodis to rock the quintessential shoot before the wedding like a pro.
KARACHI -- It is high time that Pakistan moves to promote tourism to boost the aviation industry.
Addressing the officers at Air War College on Internal Peace and Security Challenges in Karachi on Monday, he said that progress has been made in overcoming security challenges and it is high time now to sustain the progress.
Download Houry: High time to reactivate national unity NNA - MP Ammar Houry on Monday deplored the "rampant campaign making premature judgments and random treason accusations" whilst the military probe into Arsal incidents continues.
He said it was high time that the USA stops targeting the Sudan and overcome all that hinder the smooth relations between the two sides, in preparation for a mutually beneficial cooperation.
Alvarez said it was high time that religious schools should be taxed since most of them 'don't cater to the poor' and are 'profitable businesses' anyway.
Nothing has changed, I still believe that to be true - but it's high time they actually started getting the results to prove that rather than just praising themselves for playing well.
I think it's high time we take a uniform decision about what kind of content we should be allowed to watch.
Judge McCartan described Anglo as a "very sick bank" and while this has been known for years it was high time the justice system drew this conclusion.
Phillips, president and chief executive officer of High Time Products Inc.
HIGH Time Too ended a lengthy barren spell at Kempton and can follow up in the BetBright Moneyback Offers Handicap back at the Sunbury venue.
High Time for Heroes adds book #51 to the 'Magic Tree House' series and tells of Jack and Annie, who must find another secret of greatness for Merlin the magician.
It is high time the Palestinians recognize the Jewish peopleas right to their ancient homeland, as Israel already recognized Palestinian rights in the land 35 years ago.
Considering the fact that even after so many years the promises of equitable representation and even budget distribution have not been kept, they say it is high time Albanians, too, resorted to civil disobedience by the logic "if the state refuses to give me what I want, why should I give it to what it wants?
Addressing the participants in the conference "20 Years that Changed Europe: The Copenhagen Criteria and the Enlargement of the European Union", Grubjesic stated that it is high time the Serbian society started with modernisation and recalled that already 20 years have passed since the Copenhagen criteria were made, which are a synonym for reforms.