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There may be a clue after all, if we can find why today his paroxysms came on at high noon and at sunset.
I really did not expect any Grace to answer; for the laugh was as tragic, as preternatural a laugh as any I ever heard; and, but that it was high noon, and that no circumstance of ghostliness accompanied the curious cachinnation; but that neither scene nor season favoured fear, I should have been superstitiously afraid.
At home I found a note from Paul, asking me to come up immediately, and it was high noon when I came spinning up the driveway on my wheel.
He led them at high noon along crowded Simla Mall to the Alliance Bank of Simla, where they wished to establish their identity.
Having heard of but never having seen High Noons rigs, I was more than pleasantly surprised.
Unlike many leather holsters, most of High Noons are precisely and deeply molded to fit each individual handgun.
In addition to High Noons near-perfect fit, a tension screw adds a personal level of retention, and most models can be had lined.
Although High Noon makes 20 models of belt and inside-the-waistband holsters, it makes only one shoulder holster, but it's very cool.