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THE lyrics to High Noon for Bob, written by Dave Cooke: Bob strapped on his holster, turning like a hawk toward the mirror, squinting and baring a leathery sneer, God if only Van Kleef were here.
America was experiencing a period of post-war prosperity at the time that Hollywood's celebrated screenwriter Carl Foreman began writing the 1952 Western classic High Noon, a story of a criminal's vengeance thwarted by law and order.
High Noon (Fred Zinnemann, 1952) is an iconic western, yet its place within the genre is contested.
It uses the making of the Western movie High Noon and the political milieu under which it was created as a foundation for examining the effects of the Hollywood blacklist.
Name your unscripted reality TV production company High Noon, and inevitably the question comes up: Is founder and CEO Jim Berger a Gary Cooper fan?
Chosen guests from government and the diplomatic corps were present at the high noon swearing-in and partook of the very Filipino refreshments by Glenda Barretto's Via Mare.
Packy was a 20 year member of the High Noon Group where he served as treasurer.
RORY MCILROY will face fellow young gun Rickie Fowler at High Noon today with USA captain Tom Watson calling on his team to "smoke" Europe.
High Noon Books are high interest, low-vocabulary works of fiction and non-fiction that are ideal for teaching reading skills to the reading impaired.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through the High Noon Saloon.