high energy physics

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the branch of physics that studies subatomic particles and their interactions

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Kaushik De, director of the UT Arlington Center of Excellence in High Energy Physics, said news of the increased funding came after university programs across the U.
Hence, taking into account significant contribution of Ukrainian scientists in making research by CERN and JINR and also a possibility to maintain program support in Ukraine of scientific research in the area of high energy physics and nuclear physics, there has been adopted a decision to continue such cooperation, V.
Its actual discovery would not only provide new insight into the origin of cosmic acceleration, but perhaps also provide new evidence for string theory and other concepts in high energy physics.
Cooperation between Ukraine and CERN has been carried out since 1993 under the provisions of the Agreement between the Parties on the further development of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of high energy physics dated on April 2, 1993.
Both journals are fully focused on publications from the High Energy Physics field.
The Deputy Director for Science Programs will provide scientific and management oversight for the six program offices (basic energy sciences, biological and environmental sciences, fusion energy science, advanced scientific computing research, high energy physics, and nuclear physics) by ensuring program activities are strategically conceived and executed; formulate and defend the Office of Science budget request; establish policies, plans, and procedures related to the management of the program offices; ensure the research portfolio is integrated across the program offices with other DOE program offices and other Federal agencies; and represent the organization and make commitments for the Department in discussions and meetings with high-level government and private sector officials.
With this latest improvement in our very high current PIT conductors, we have further strengthened our position as an innovation leader in superconducting materials, in particular for future needs in high energy physics and fusion research projects.
The project will produce definitive results at the interface of cosmology and high energy physics, defining the frontiers of these fields well beyond the lifetimes of the surveys themselves.
German and Swiss physicists from various institutions in the Helmholtz Alliance describe the current state and driving questions in high energy physics now that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is operating.
he detector's discoveries may facilitate research in dark matter and high energy physics.
Ma (physics, Institute of High Energy Physics, China) takes the middle road and finds common ground, explaining the fundamental concepts and techniques of group theory in language familiar to physicists.
Through involvement in the VERITAS collaboration, we are examining other ways to look at high energy physics and bringing to the forefront other topics connected to it," explained Hendrik (Harry) J.
The DOE also provided increases over FY 2006 to other programs, including Nuclear Energy (increase of $41 M), Coal (increase of $59 M), High Energy Physics (increase of $54 M), Nuclear Physics (increase of $65 M), Basic Energy Sciences (increase of $140 M), Hydrogen Technology (increase of $40 M), Solar Energy (increase of $77 M), and Wind Energy (increase of $11 M).
The fabrication of the next generation of particle accelerators for high energy physics will require the development of new niobium-tin/copper superconductors able to carry extremely high current densities at high magnetic fields.
In August, several groups of researchers at the International Conference on High Energy Physics, held in Dallas, presented impressive data that appeared to rule out the particle's existence.
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