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the beam of a car's headlights that provides distant illumination

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When no other road user is detected, the road ahead is straight and the vehicle speed is above 40 km/h, ULTRA RANGE high beam is switched on automatically.
As with the other systems, the sign recognition flashes up changing speed limits in the central instrument panel display while at night the high beam assist function automatically dips the headlamps if it detects oncoming traffic or the risk of causing dazzle from behind.
The heavily customized High Beam sneakers, unveiled at the ABC Convention, in Las Vegas in Late 2015, feature many of the internal workings of a super powered flashlight - but they also are built with quality in mind.
Tokyo, Nov 26, 2014 - (JCN Newswire) - Starting next year, some of Toyota Motor Corporation's new models will feature a newly-developed adaptive high beam technology that enables more precise control of light distribution through independent LED control.
Used on high beam setting only, the laser module in each lamp generates a cone of light with twice the range of an LED lamp.
AUDI'S cool new R8 LMX model will be the first car in the world to take to the road with standard laser high beam lighting.
The laser spot, which is active at speeds of 60 km/h and above, supplements the LED high beam in the R8 LMX and greatly enhances visibility and safety.
SPLURGE: Benefit's High Beam highlighter gives cheeks and brow bones a radiant glow.
The 1" diameter LED flashlight from Orbita outputs 500 lumens at the high beam setting, but offers four other modes of operation by simply double clicking the sealed power switch; Medium beam, Low beam and Defense Strobe or S.
Available exclusively for the flagship Premier versions of the new IS 250 and full hybrid IS 300h, the pack - a build-to-order option priced Au1,540 - provides four additional systems like Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Assist (LDA) and Automatic High Beam (AHB).
The Emirati student claimed the 28-year-old footballer, from the Ivory Coast, gave her the high beam when she was driving and almost rammed into her car from the back before he overtook her from the right then gave her the finger.
What happens if both the high beam and low beam signals are output from the ECU when only the low beam signal is switched on?
Melbourne, Dec 12 (ANI): Toyota has announced developing of a new headlight technology that can point high beam at the road ahead without blinding oncoming traffic.
There are a growing range of innovative technologies such as navigation professional, high beam assistant, surround view, Bluetooth office, BMW head up display, park assist and lane departure warning.
Unlike similar products, High Beam comes in a bottle with a dip-in brush applicator so you basically draw a line of the cream on your cheek and then rub it in.