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Synonyms for hierarchy

Synonyms for hierarchy

a series of ordered groupings of people or things within a system

the organization of people at different ranks in an administrative body

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From there I will detail how Gaurana hierarchizes his sources to construct a coherent system on auspiciousness in poetry.
The paper just bases on above previous researches, it evaluates on Beijing civil servant physical health, applies experts interviewing method, market survey method, analytic hierarchy process and else to define guidelines layer four indicators, defines weights by analytic hierarchy process, and uses deviation algorithm, hierarchizes each factor, and finally gets its reasonable evaluation results, which let the model to obtain extensive testing and improving in the field (Zhang et al., 2016).
This difference in access to mobility separates and hierarchizes the inhabitants on either side of the border.
Furthermore, subject formation and sovereign violence is informed by a regime of truth that hierarchizes and classifies bodies.
One does not have to cite Lenin and Trotsky, as Callinicos and Sanjay Seth do, to agree that development is "uneven" "European modernization," Seth continues, "has not been complete." (24) A number of other readers have attacked Hardt and Negri's view that Empire strictly hierarchizes the many "hybrid" forms of capitalism, identity, and so forth one finds in the contemporary world (25); Hardt and Negri's view, to repeat, is that differences are reduced to sameness.