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Synonyms for hierarchical


Synonyms for hierarchical

classified according to various criteria into successive levels or layers

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Venerable software developers David and Fesperman revise and update their Advanced ANSI SQL Data Modeling and Structure Processing to delve deeper into the inherent hierarchical processing of SQL (structured query language), and to cover the hierarchical processing discoveries and new findings that have evolved since that first edition appeared.
We conclude from these findings that changing perceptions from hierarchical to collaborative and low influence to high influence is critical to making and implementing important instructional decisions.
Implementing the late pope's hierarchical restoration was enormously reassuring to them and now it seems that Benedict, known to dislike "the church from below," may expect them to redouble their struggles.
For the fibroblast data, KL clustering produced about half as many clusters as did hierarchical clustering, and KL clusters were densely packed with similar genes.
Host Data Connect already supported the main IMS database organizations - HISAM (Hierarchical Indexed Sequential Access Method), HIDAM (Hierarchical Indexed Direct Access Method), HDAM (Hierarchical Direct Access Method), SHISAM (Simple Hierarchical Indexed Sequential Access Method), HSAM (Hierarchical Sequential Access Method) and SHSAM (Simple Hierarchical Sequential Access Method).
This hierarchical storage capability makes multiple systems backing up at the same time using disk-to-disk backups a reality.
Supreme Court accepted an application for judicial review of that decision to determine whether the actions of the Illinois Supreme Court constituted improper judicial interference with decisions of the highest authorities of a hierarchical Church in violation of the First and Fourteenth amendments to the U.
A form of collective agency thus results that depends on neither fixed subjectivity, nor hierarchical structures, nor totali zing meta-narratives.
He points out that most business and health care firms are based on hierarchical command and control models of organization.
Verplex's Tuxedo Logic Equivalence Checker (LEC) has been deployed into its advanced hierarchical flows to verify high-performance, multi-million-gate chips for next-generation computing and communications markets.
Instead, she argues, managers and executives (largely male) have set the terms for office work, terms that perpetuate a hierarchical and segregated workforce in the name of efficiency, productivity, and control.
They were hierarchical structures with clear-cut reporting lines and definite career paths.
But with the use of a hierarchical storage server-high-speed magnetic disks for fast active-file access and optical disks for long-term file storage-the impossible has come true.
Implementing a Computerized Job-Matching Program with a Hierarchical Occupational Structure
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