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Our results showed that the mean urinary lactate excretion was highly significantly increased in all stages of HIE compared with control group (P< 0.
Internet technology has enabled sophisticated messaging models and data aggregation by a new crop of HIE vendors.
Orion Health HIE provides clinicians with secure, web-based access to the most up-to-date patient information and to a range of capabilities that support further improvements in care, including automatic reporting of immunizations, electronic labs and syndromic surveillance data required for public health reporting and achieving Meaningful Use.
Speaking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of a one-day roundtable titled 'Doha e-Health Dialogues-The Communication Exchange', she said: "People have to use the HIE in order to report public health information on public health surveillance and in order to exchange referrals.
Approximately $2 billion dollars have been set aside in order to develop the HIE infrastructure in the United States since 2009, and more than half of the money has been spent on HIE projects so far.
HIE is out if you have any heart disease or have had a TIA.
Ideally, with HIEs and the cloud making lab data, imaging reports, images and records immediately available, there will be useful information to review when the patient arrives at the emergency department door.
It's easy to say the board killed the Nevada HIE that day in Carson City.
NC HIE has seen rapid progress since its inception in 2010, including becoming part of the Community Care of North Carolina, (CCNC) suite of companies; establishing strategic partnerships with NC DHHS and technology vendors statewide and nationwide (including its partnership with the Santa Monica, Calif.
The following are key lessons learned about how to demonstrate value, kick off HIE success and drive provider adoption of the HIE solution:
The dbMotion semantic interoperability platform organizes and harmonizes data captured by disparate health information technologies across the HIE.
The selection and prioritization of reporting features--such as the integration of the HIE feed into the EHR--was a byproduct of the HIE design, which was based on the simple but critical elements of patient safety, quality and physician workflow.
the HIE concept of being an organization that would aggregate data and do all sorts of things with that data, with the idea to collect data once and use it for multiple purposes, he says.
While the decision to integrate with either a private or public HIE is driven mainly by sustainability and ROI considerations, it is imperative for providers to understand the differences.
The analysis conducted by Lynne Dunbrack, program director, Connected Health IT, IDC Health Insights, concluded that health information organizations "seeking a combination of interoperable HIE technology, composite applications that support clinician workflow, and clinical and financial dashboards that present actionable information aggregated across the enterprise should consider Carefx.