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a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)

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When they searched his home, they found the cash and drugs, in powder, rock and block form concealed in various hiding places.
Trading Standards often use specially trained tobacco search dogs to find hiding places, while police and immigration officers often attend visits as other criminality can be found, such as illegal immigrants working inside the shops and vehicles being used which have no insurance or tax.
The countries and jurisdictions that have committed to early adoption have shown leadership and demonstrated their commitment to fighting tax evasion, removing the hiding places which are exploited by the dishonest and corrupt."
After the liberation, Jewish leaders struggled to retrieve those children from the convents and other hiding places. It is also interesting to note that some children chose to remain Catholics.
From my hiding place, I could peer through the fringes of the tablecloth into a world of fire and brass and when I was on my own, I sometimes inspected my own face in the shell case.
As well as growing vegetables and flowers, they hope to design places to run and play, make dens and hiding places and to develop areas that attract wildlife.
In another study, in which scientists surveyed a population of spiny lobsters in the wild, they found that more than 56 percent of healthy lobsters shared hiding places, but only 7 percent of sick ones did.
The hiding places for those evil criminals who believed they had cheated justice are becoming fewer and fewer.
His research is evident in the portrayal of players in a drama that crossed oceans and political boundaries as money and art changed hands and hiding places.
Unlike multi-component drive shafts, the Sani-Drive solid drive shaft's smooth finish and single-piece construction eliminate hiding places for contaminants such as pathogens and germs.
To help credit managers better manage risk following the recent wave of corporate reporting irregularities, Atradius Trade Credit Insurance has developed a list of "Ten Hiding Places for Business Credit Risk." The firm is the U.S.
Hiding Places: A Father and his Sons Retrace their Family's Escape from the Holocaust, by Daniel Asa Rose.
Knowing that so many creatures depend on mistletoe for homes, hiding places, and hunting grounds has changed the way we think about and treat the problematic plant.
Many schools, meanwhile, sought to eliminate hiding places for weapons and drugs by removing lockers, forcing students to carry their books all the time.
We discovered most of her hiding places, but we're still looking for a few things.