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a place suitable for hiding something (such as yourself)

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Produced by veteran filmmaker Peter Spencer, Return to the Hiding Place tells the story made famous by The Hiding Place through the eyes of Hans Poley, a young physics student who is forced to hide in the ten Boom's home for refusing to sign an oath of loyalty to the Nazi Party.
Children in Western countries usually start to give the correct answer - that the person will look in the original hiding place - by the ages of four to seven, but children in other countries give that answer at different ages.
You don't know who put that hard drive in the special hiding place.
a r d so r expectations were that high that there was no hiding place.
Rushdie was spirited from hiding place to hiding place for a decade after Khomeini issued a death fatva against him on St.
Create a hiding place for your pet - choose a quiet room to minimise external noises, the hiding place could be a cardboard box, behind a sofa, under a bed or in any small dark hiding space.
From my hiding place, I could peer through the fringes of the tablecloth into a world of fire and brass and when I was on my own, I sometimes inspected my own face in the shell case.
This young soldier was asked by his friends in the army to leave the site and accompany them to a hiding place to save themselves.
Coun Rudge said: "Now it will be much " There will be no hiding place for managers or staff COUN ALAN RUDGE easier to investigate problems and deal with them.
The ballet, "No Hiding Place," is based on a true story about a woman who years after surviving the Holocaust comes face to face with the guard who killed her sister at the infamous Ravensbruck concentration camp.
Q MY mother has always told me that one of my late relatives worked behind the scenes on a television show called No Hiding Place.
Several times through the first four episodes of BBC America's "Robin Hood," Robin (Jonas Armstrong) reminds his doltish yet loyal manservant Much (Sam Troughton) to wait for "the last man," the laggard among the Sheriff of Nottingham's troops who might stumble upon their hiding place and undo their efforts.
AS A-level and GCSE league tables were published today, schools minister Jim Knight warned there was no hiding place for under-performing schools.
Their hiding place was concealed by a huge wardrobe that covered the door to the bathroom in the pastor's bedroom.
They often had to find a hiding place for the Jews, perhaps a small space under the roof of the house or the stable.