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Synonyms for hideousness

the quality or condition of being ugly

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dreadful ugliness

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Remained Balatta, who, from the time she found him and poked his blue eyes open to recrudescence of her grotesque female hideousness, had continued his adorer.
But Professor Maxon did not reply--he had returned to view his grim operations, and the hideousness of them had closed his ears to the sweet tones of the girl's voice.
I had sagacity enough to discover that the unnatural hideousness of my person was the chief object of horror with those who had formerly beheld me.
Then George went at it, and knocked it into a shape, so strange, so weird, so unearthly in its wild hideousness, that he got frightened and threw away the mast.
Tell me all about it again,' cried Peg, with a malicious relish of her old master's defeat, which made her natural hideousness something quite fearful; 'let's hear it all again, beginning at the beginning now, as if you'd never told me.
I imagine this repulsive aspect originates from the features being placed in positions, with respect to each other, somewhat proportional to those of the human face; and thus we obtain a scale of hideousness.
Whereas the Furioso still evokes a temptress's hideousness in graphic terms, however, Tasso cannot reconcile even the skeptical use of such mechanisms with his aesthetic theory.
It was an expensive kitchen of outstanding hideousness.
It is not a hideousness of appearance but of mental operation that is repugnant.
Last night, Precious Life spokesman Jim Dowson said: "We will be stepping-up our pickets and highlighting the hideousness of this government's genocidal programme.
Now that Gaddis is gone, we probably need Wallace's unlovely, unlikable hideousness.
Men die nightly in their beds, wringing the hands of ghostly confessors, and looking them piteously in the eyes--die with despair of heart and convulsion of throat, on account of the hideousness of mysteries which will not suffer themselves to be revealed.
Despite their hideousness and evil deeds, classic monsters bore a strong resemblance to the dark side in all of us.
For if the external world is but a mirror of its inhabitants' morals (or put differently, if landscape is a guiding influence on the terrain of the mind), then what does the hideousness of the American wilderness say about the souls of its residents?
In insects, nature uses other means to work to the same kind end, for she makes all the common kinds so small that their hideousness is not visible, and, where size is necessary, puts them out of sight, either under desert sands or tropical undergrowth, or at the bottom of ponds or running streams.