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in a hideous manner

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On the other hand, that he might be hideously cruel was evidenced to her by the fact that he was planning to leave her alone in the midst of the frightful dangers which menaced her by night and by day.
The women and children had seated themselves in a wide circle about the victims while the warriors, hideously painted, were forming slowly to commence the dance of death.
With all the weight of his great body he leaped, hideously growling, upon Sheeta.
Lawson's portrait of him had been cut cross-ways and gaped hideously.
The filed teeth, the slit nose, the little face painted hideously.
It is hideously dull down here, and the life my father has asked me to lead for the last few months has been intolerable.
The light frame house leaked the noise hideously, and Saxon knew that the houses on either side were hearing, and the street itself and the houses across the street.
This being, made only for happiness, and heretofore so miserably failing to be happy,--his tendencies so hideously thwarted, that, some unknown time ago, the delicate springs of his character, never morally or intellectually strong, had given way, and he was now imbecile,--this poor, forlorn voyager from the Islands of the Blest, in a frail bark, on a tempestuous sea, had been flung, by the last mountain-wave of his shipwreck, into a quiet harbor.
Only slowly are we realising that there is now a new set of questions to be asked by everyone who worked on the kind of stories that Jan did questions so hideously unthinkable that they are painful even to write.
THE ENGLISH PATIENT (BBC2, Friday, regions vary) A HIDEOUSLY scarred man waits for death in wartime Africa.
The panel is now both hideously white and hideously male and I refuse to be the token black woman to enable them to claim 'diversity"' Bonnie Greer who has quit English Heritage panel.
She told Radio Times magazine: "I'm astonished at the freedom with which a depressingly large number of men feel they can just say what they want and write the most hideously misogynistic stuff about women.
Or occasionally at hideously boring "children's activities".
However, his only surviving victim, the hideously disfigured Mason has plans of his own for the Doctor - and before long, it becomes clear that a dangerous fate awaits them all.
I was blindsided when one of the parents got up on the stage in a costume that was hideously offensive then and is hideously offensive now.