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a hiding place

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But Washington denied deliberately bombing civilian areas, claiming it was concentrating on possible hide-outs of al-Qaeda fighters.
Eight militants including their commander were killed while a madrasa used by militants and one hide-out were destroyed," said a security official based in Bajaur's main town of Khar.
Instead of letting local Afghan forces take the lead, US soldiers were the vanguard force, pursuing fighters of the al Qaida terror network and former ruling Taliban militia to heavily fortified caves and other hide-outs.
Other hide-outs lie to the north-west of Kandahar, including Kajakai in neighbouring Helmand province, where mountains tower about 10,000 ft above sea level.
ISLAMABAD: Fighter jets bombed Taleban hide-outs in Pakistan's troubled northwest while troops pushed into militant territory on the ground, killing at least 40 insurgents in a 24-hour siege, the army said yesterday.
The SAS will have men on the ground to gather intelligence before launching attacks on hide-outs backed by unmanned drones.
And destroying 17 terrorists' hide-outs, seizing 10 vehicles, 3 motorcycles with false papers, seizing various weapons and ammunition, destroying 5 boats, belonged to terrorists and dismantling 77 IEDs.
The cats were snapped as they rested virtually undetected in their hide-outs.
However, according to officials the attack on the base was repelled by government forces, saying that the militants fled back to their hide-outs in the Galagalo mountains.
Thesolution features Check Point's Multi-tier ThreatSpect, a unique detection engine that analyzes trafficon every gateway, identifies millions of outbreak types and discovers bots by correlating multiple riskfactors - such as botnet patterns, remote operator hide-outs and attack behaviors.
Cpl Dunn and his comrades sought out the hide-outs of the Taliban and made contact with locals to bring back the kind of information which proved vital to the overall battle plan.
Violence has been on the rise in the north, where there are hide-outs for the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other militant factions.
More than 200 police officers raided the ring's hide-outs in several
9 -- Law enforcement agencies have decided to use satellite imaging and real-time intelligence for the first time to pin-point the culprit groups involved in firing from roof-tops and other hide-outs in troubled areas of the city.
Using intelligence provided by the US, the Turkish Air Force stage frequent raids on PKK hide-outs on these mountains.