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the state of being covert and hidden

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I argue that, to the extent that the exegetical category of "promise" presupposes the hiddenness of the God to which the biblical texts witness in plurivocal fashion, it and the Lutheran tradition itself provide hermeneutically useful means for avoiding the injustices of hegemonic interpretation and for bearing witness to the God whose promises are simultaneously mysterious and sure.
Yet, at the same time as we exalt the hiddenness and the mystery of the original and weave stories and mythologies around it the better to approach it through poetry and art--we are busying ourselves to bring it nearer, unveil its Face, make it answer questions.
55) As is typical in plots of hiddenness and exposure, of transgression and accommodation, the graceless renegade is featured as a helpless waif in need of recuperation and protection, of pooling and hedging.
Interrogating Irish theatre's contentious relationship with the HIV-positive body reveals persistent themes of absence, hiddenness, illness, and death.
32) My approach to this issue is that "I am convinced that Divine noticeability overwhelms Divine hiddenness.
This hiddenness seriously deprives churches, both immigrant and "native," of the chance to learn about fresh new models of missionary success.
In addition to the distinct relevance of the motif of hiddenness, pointed out some years ago by Abbas Amanat, the sura may be thought especially relevant to and reflective of the syntax and morphology of the grammar of Shi'i piety in a number of other instances.
In this essay, I am interested in the emergence of persons: beings of privacy and dignity, interiority and intrinsic value, presence and hiddenness.
Polanski will provide us with several images of dawn or twilight to evoke the liminal spaces between consciousness and unconsciousness, clarity and obscurity, openness and hiddenness, innocence and guilt, future hopes and doom.
Theologian David Tracy has written of the unknowability and darkness of God, which he finds in Martin Luther and the mystic Meister Eckhart, the hiddenness of God in the suffering and abandonment of the cross, which gives Christians eyes to see the underside, the shadow, the vulnerable.
It functions as an entity that both possesses and hides "the truth," the way David Appelbaum presumes: "[the fact that] we avoid attending to the voice that is ours reveals a hiddenness surrounding voice.
There is a hiddenness about children," wrote Marpeck.
In the hazy half-light Menini sees truth in the sense of a-letheia (un-concealedness): the arising of things out of that basic hiddenness or recessiveness of their origin which the Greeks called lethe.
Not only is this journey toward survival a priori narrative, grammatically preoccupied with what Eve Sedgwick Kosofsky refers to as "behind," "beneath" and "beyond"--"the topos of depth and hiddenness, typically followed by a drama of exposure" (Sedgwick, Touching 8) but the efficacy of autobiographical therapeusis typically depends on the psychic repair exposure enables.