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the state of being covert and hidden

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The main point here is that, in Luther's exegesis, faith in the gospel as promise is inextricable from the hiddenness of the God who makes the promise.
Second, there is the question as to whether or not divine hiddenness should primarily be treated as an epistemic issue.
Now Hejinian has shown how and why Hannah Arendt's images of natality, of appearance, and of hiddenness gain new salience, and not only for Hejinian's poems, but for all those who would prefer, like Scheherazade, to see life governed better.
(23) The issue of the hiddenness of God is somewhat complicated: many have argued, based on Romans 1, that humans repress the truth of God that is revealed through creation.
This amounts to a new solution to the problem of divine hiddenness: God might hide in order to increase or maximize the axiological value of the world.
Adam Glover returns to our pages with "Latens Deitas: Eros, Divine Hiddenness, and the Language of Poetry." Glover looks at how the commentary tradition has treated the Song of Songs, "with special attention to the way in which that tradition regularly stages the relationship between bride and bridegroom as an erotic interplay of concealment and disclosure." He uses this tradition as a jump-off to reflection on how language itself, and in particular allegorical language, is meant not to reveal all mysteries but to produce desire.
The hiddenness of certain important elements of the world of seven dimensions (the underground water, the Bad Burrow monsters) represents Vane's separation from his unconscious.
Yujin Nagasawa calls the particularly intense combination of the problems of divine hiddenness and evil the problem of divine absence that resists resolution through explanations that have typically characterized the theodicies offered by philosophers.
Heidegger this dialectic movement from hiddenness to un-hiddenness is
In creating this public space, the EEWG worked against the "hiddenness" of academic writing and instead placed writing at both the physical and metaphorical Center of the Department of Engineering Education.
The concept of the hiddenness of the reality of life in the Messiah from Colossians 3 might be illuminating in this regard.
However, this line of succession ended with the 12th Imam who went into a state of "hiddenness" in the year 939 CE.
Their topics include JEngel and the international Lutheran-Catholic dialogue, Thomistic second thoughts on analogy and Trinity in JEngel, metaphorical truth and the language of Christian theology, JEngel's soteriologically minded doctrine of the Trinity, Christian eschatology in an inter-religious context, towards a hermeneutic for reading JEngel's texts on baptism and the Lord's Supper, Luther's dangerous account of divine hiddenness, JEngel on the compatibility of education and theology, and some remarks on Christian freedom.
The hiddenness and deception is no longer necessary.