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a green transparent form of the mineral spodumene used as a gemstone

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The final oral presentation was made by Dr Michael Wise (Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC), who reported on emerald and hiddenite (Cr-bearing spodumene) deposits near Hiddenite, North Carolina.
Towards this effort, the Company is further consolidating upholstery production from a smaller facility in Hiddenite, N.
Emerald Crystal Pockets of the Hiddenite District, Alexander County, North Carolina
The other is a chromium-colored green variety called hiddenite.
To date, Esmeralda has purchased or optioned over 60 acres of producing emerald property in Hiddenite.
Second only to the tourmalines comes an astounding array of the gem varieties of spodumene from San Diego County, ranging in color from dark violet kunzite, through lilac, straw-yellow, colorless, and blue-green to green hiddenite.
34 acres of emerald producing property in Hiddenite, North Carolina.
com) hit another pocket of fine gemmy hiddenite (that is, chromium-green spodumene) crystals in May 2006 at the Adams Farm, Alexander County, North Carolina, and he was selling the pretty little green bolts in his room at the InnSuites.
Mineral Masterpieces" whose pictures (at least) you've admired on many occasions were present here: they included the "Alma Queen" rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home mine, Colorado; the "Dragon" gold from the Colorado Quartz mine, California; the "Rabbit Ears" blue-capped elbaite from the Tourmaline Queen mine, California; the 5-cm matrix specimen sporting several blue jeremejevite crystals, from Mile 72, Swakopmund, Namibia; the great Hiddenite, North Carolina emerald crystal discovered in 2004; the majestic purple adamite specimen from the Ojuela mine, Mexico, shown on the cover of vol.
Esmeralda is currently excavating a portion of the historic Rist Mine that it owns in Hiddenite, North Carolina, immediately adjacent to the site where the discovery of more than 3,000 carats of emeralds have made world headlines since 1998.
Nor can I neglect to mention that Terry Ledford had even more show-stopping spodumene (hiddenite) crystals newly unearthed at the Adams Farm, Hiddenite, North Carolina, including one large, beautifully terminated gem crystal that surpasses the well-known crystals owned by the Harvard Mineralogical Museum and the Cranbrook Institute.
Financing is being sought to develop the La Motte deposit and build ore processing plants to produce hiddenite concentrate, lithium carbonate and lithium metal.
Famous for many decades as the source of North America's finest emerald crystals, pegmatitic veins in the area's weathered schists and gneisses are now being exploited by an open-pit mine run by the North American Emerald Mines company of Hiddenite.
apatite, aquamarine, ashanite, bimushite, bismutomicrolite, chrysoberyl, *cygrayite, epidote, ertixiite, fluorite, garnet, hiddenite, holmquistite, ilmenite, ishikawaite, manganotantalite, manganocolumbite, molybdenite, muscovite, phenakite, pollucite, polylithionite, pyrite, *qingheite, samarskite, scheelite, sphalerite, spodumene, staurolite, topaz, tourmaline, trilithionite, uraninite, zircon Labashan Hubei turquoise Laiyuan Hebei hematite, ludwigite Lamo Guangxi, apatite, galena, pyrite, quartz, Zhuang A.