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a tax paid unwittingly by the consumer (such as ad valorem taxes)

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And Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg accused both sides of trying to "hoodwink" the electorate over the true scale of hidden tax rises and spending cuts.
essence, the hidden tax causes the consumer to buy an item she would not
The hidden tax costs $455 per individual or $1,186 per family each year.
This would rescind the 27% levies on Canadian lumber and end the hidden tax imposed on American home buyers and renters," NAHB President Bobby Rayburn said in the statement.
We all know there is little chance of that happening, which is why the legislators are trying to raise more money in a relatively hidden tax.
lumber prices, the combined duties could add more than $1,000 to the cost of building a new home, imposing a hidden tax on buyers and renters.
This is a hidden tax on consumers that ultimately will result in higher prices for retail goods.
They will reverse the hidden tax on disaster insurance consumers, make disaster insurance more available and more affordable, and reduce the possibility that many insurers will fail after a major event.
Exhibit 2, below, shows the magnitude of the hidden tax assuming a long-term gain subject to a 20% tax rate.
With taxpayers under ever greater pressure and faced with a "waste of tax money", the TAE is calling for a constitutional framework for the finances of the EU including the following taxpayers' rights:- limit on tax burdens and protection against double taxation;- limit on government spending;- ban on indebtedness;- tax exemption for subsistence level income;- public finance control;- understandable general tax laws;- guarantee against hidden tax increases caused by inflation;- privatisation;- sanctions against wasting tax money and tax evasion;- limit on public administration.
The current hidden tax is dropped, and is paid for with an explicit tax on the same individuals who benefit.
Republicans and telecommunications companies had pressured the FCC to reduce the program, saying it would result in a hidden tax that would raise consumers' phone bills.
The national sales tax is preferable to a VAT because it is not a hidden tax.
The average American worker now pays over 50 percent of his or her earnings in taxes - income tax, excise tax, sales tax, property tax, and so forth, and the huge hidden tax of government.
Many regulations directly increase the cost of employing workers and act like a hidden tax on job creation.