hidden reserve

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reserves that do not show up on the balance sheet (as by understating values)

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All of our observed auctions receive at least one bid, and 97% of auctions with a hidden reserve have a high bid greater than the reserve.
According to a 1985 United Nations report, International Accounting and Reporting Issues: 1985 Review, hidden reserves likely are created in other ways in some countries.
There is no hidden reserve of money in my budget or elsewhere within the Assembly Government.
Juvenile Fillies: Barbed Wire, Cheyenne City, City Band, Critical Factor, Dunbar Hill, Hidden Reserve, Larkwhistle, Love That Jazz, Minister's Melody, Runaway Mary, Sharp Cat, Storm Song.
The Michael Bowe-trained Fair Ina, runner-up to Hidden Reserve on her debut in a hot mares event at Navan recently, makes plenty of appeal in the finale.
After Hidden Reserve had made a successful debut in the mares' winners' bumper, Meade said: "That's my 99th winner of the year.
Other auction sites use fixed prices, high opening bids and hidden reserve pricing.
Unlike many Internet auction sites, Digibid is focused on business-to-business transactions and provides a guarantee to buyers and sellers, offers financing options to professional users and does not employ hidden reserve prices.
This removes the hassle of bidding wars, hidden reserve prices and waiting days for an auction to end.
Because in accordance with our obligation, hidden reserves were disclosed during the course of the acquisitions, giving rise to goodwill.
We wouldn't know the depths of our strength, humility and resolve if it wasn't for what we learn through digging deep to find our hidden reserves.
As the race to the finish line brought in big hitters Suspect Device and Alternative Ulster along with Gotta Getaway, the crowd found hidden reserves of energy for one final blast creating a mosh pit that made a Slipknot circle pit look like an afternoon at the Wheel Tappers and Shunters Club.
But in a crazy final set featuring five breaks of serve, Murray found hidden reserves of strength and took his fourth match point to deafening cheers at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham.
He showed hidden reserves of stamina when third in the Gold Cup and his races have been well spaced out.
As is so often the case with middle books, by the end we've moved the pieces on the chess board into interesting positions, and uncovered unseen weaknesses on the part of the Others, as well as hidden reserves of strength in the humans, but not much ground has truly been gained.