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The shagbark hickory tree is easily noticed due to its large-flaked or smooth bark and, often, a line going up the first few meters of the trunk.
A local fan named Charlie Ferguson made bats in his spare time, and he chose a four-by-four beam from the north side of a particularly strong hickory tree to make one for young Joe Jackson.
After about a minute or so, the buck walked out from behind the hickory tree and was coming straight toward me.
Three of these were the same three shagbark hickory trees in Sodalis Woods that had been used in 1997.
Bertin holds a compound leaf from a shagbark hickory tree at Cookson Park in Worcester.
Having been a partner in a tree-moving business with a truck-mounted tree spade, I can only recall moving one hickory tree (native) out of approximately 1,000 trees.
WE APPROACHED A LARGE hickory tree that had blown down recently and still held all its fall-colored leaves.
In the book "The Natural," by Bernard Malamud, the main character fashions a baseball bat from a hickory tree split in two by lightning - and goes on to make baseball history.
Area amenities include excellent shopping facilities and restaurants available along Chatham's Main Street, and nearby in downtown Madison and Summit, as well as at the Livingston and Short Hills Malls and Hickory Tree Shopping Center in Chatham Township.
Beidh Tine Anseo will be trained by Graham Motion for Virginia-based Jim Treptow's Hickory Tree Farm, one of the more active buyers throughout the threeday sale.
She's been bought for Jim Treptow of Hickory Tree Farm in Virginia and he's likely to race what she produces and hopes to breed a stakes horse," said Seitz.
He was purchased by James P Mills's Hickory Tree Stable, for whom he proved quite a bargain: after winning all five of his starts as a juvenile under the care of trainer Woody Stephens, Devil's Bag was named champion two-year-old colt and syndicated for $36 million.
Oak and hickory trees are abundant, and the deer can be found feeding heavily in the hardwoods when mast is dropping.
More than 15,000 varieties in glowing autumnal colour are spread over 600 acres, from rippling reds of Japanese maples to the acid yellows of hickory trees and candyfloss-scented katsuras.
Keep a camera ready at all times, pack in extra batteries and memory cards, for the route allows many to park alongside the trails and winding roads to capture beautiful vistas of red oaks, pops of gold and yellow birch, elm and hickory trees at White Mountain National Forest.