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the torpid or resting state in which some animals pass the winter

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cessation from or slowing of activity during the winter

the act of retiring into inactivity

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During hibernation, the thirteen-lined ground squirrel endures near-freezing temperatures, dramatically slowing its heart rate and respiration.
The two major opposition parties appear not only to be in hibernation but gelded to be able to pose any threat to the ruling party.
Bites are more frequent in the spring when the snakes are just out of hibernation, and now dog owners are urged to keep their pets on a lead in known adder territiory.
Hedgehogs can remain active well into November and December, and will often move nesting sites during hibernation. A bowl of fresh water will be appreciated by any hog out and about.
Glis thus have a life strategy of increased longevity and low rates of reproduction (including none in some years) coupled with long periods in hibernation. Typically, hibernation in mammal species is restricted to periods of cold or dry weather (Buck & Barnes 1999).
University of Copenhagen researchers have discovered a surprising tactic of pathogenic bacteria when being attacked by antibiotics: hibernation.
The telescope, which has scoured several patches of the sky for nearly a decade, is running low on fuel and the agency has decided to put it on hibernation to assess the exact condition of fuel and determine how much time the mission has got on its hands.
Plus, it has a drawback: a small proportion of people who take Morphenox emerge from hibernation as zombielike creatures that eat anything - and anyone - in sight.
330 of them survived the winter, which is a significant number when taking into consideration the high death rate during hibernation, as the organization Raptor Protection Slovakia said.Despite the long winter, we have the best spring conditions after a number of years, including in other localities in Slovakia, said Erviacuten Hapl from Raptor Protection Slovakia, as quoted by the SITA newswire.
According to Fleming, the toad might have gotten injured prior to hibernation and got healed while the animal slept.
"While a normal body temperature (of a mammal) may be 95F," according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resource's publication Wild Mammals of Illinois, "during hibernation it can drop as low as 36F.
It was until Tuesday noon that Khan was in hibernation at his Bani Gala residence, shunning all his political activities when he finally, in a serious of tweets, defended the decision about his third marriage .
Hibernation Hotel is illustrated by Laura Brenlla and tells of Bear, who wants to sleep, but who harbors too many sleepy friends in his cave.
Yes, it's time for Try's The Limit to go into hibernation until the 2018 Super League season gets under way.