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the torpid or resting state in which some animals pass the winter

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cessation from or slowing of activity during the winter

the act of retiring into inactivity

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Experts said that if the human race ever had to leave Earth, it might be necessary to induce a bear-like hibernation in order to make the
Surprisingly, the new findings show that although black bears only reduce their body temperatures slightly during hibernation, their metabolic activity drops dramatically, slowing to about 25 percent of their normal, active rates.
Hibernation is relatively long-term, but hibernators can and do wake up.
In order to quantify environmental conditions during hibernation, air temperature inside of the hibernaculum were recorded every 2 h using a temperature data logger (AZ Instrument Corp.
Hibernation turns a warm-blooded hedgehog into what is, for all intents and purposes, a coldblooded animal.
It goes into hibernation to save energy while it's traveling to its target objects.
Players are a bear waking from Hibernation, slim & hungry.
Contrary to many adorable children's stories, hibernation is so not sleeping.
This could be a great one to make into a story sack, with many opportunities to link into study of the seasons, wildlife and hibernation.
WNS-affected bats exhibit abnormal hibernation behaviour that prematurely deplete fat reserves and ultimately causes death by starvation.
THE probe that became the first spacecraft to land on a comet has woken from months of hibernation.
COMET lander Philae has woken up from hibernation after being missing for months.
Philae had been in hibernation since November, when it became the first spacecraft to touch down on the surface of a comet.
But during hibernation, they breathe just twice a minute and their heartbeats can be more than 10 seconds apart.
ISLAMABAD -- A NASA probe launched eight years ago to explore Pluto has woken up from its last hibernation in deep space and is now preparing to take first detailed images of the dwarf planet's surface and its moons in July 2015.