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Synonyms for hibernate



Synonyms for hibernate

sleep during winter

be in an inactive or dormant state

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In order to offer full compatibility with all major platforms we used in the proposed architecture the Java Sun technology and Hibernate from JBoss Community, although other tools were available too, for database integration.
Massive bears hibernate much differently than smaller animals, like woodchucks and squirrels.
Fort 7 as well as several underground parts in other forts have thus far been inaccessible to bat researchers, but bats probably hibernate there, too.
Terry added that before being put away to hibernate, the tortoise should have been prepared by not being fed for a couple of weeks.
About 10,000 little brown bats hibernate in the two mines and one cave in the western part of the state.
We've built something called a hibernaculum, which is where they hibernate in winter.
The fact that few individuals were seen hibernating in Wyandotte Cave does not mean that this species does not hibernate there.
Observing that destruction of old-growth forests eliminated the tree hollow homes of Polish bats, Krzanowski (36) recommended the introduction into Poland of Red Bats and Hoary Bats from the United States because these species take shelter in tree foliage rather than hollows, and they migrate at the approach of cold weather rather than hibernate in tree cavities.
The main problem is human disturbance and vandalism of the caves and abandoned mines where they hibernate.
A Several species hibernate as adults, such as peacock, tortoiseshell and painted lady.
Frank Windsor-Clive says farewell to the Flat as an amateur aboard Tough Leader, while Karl Burke's trailblazing Hibernate is ridden by Robert Walford-the son of Yorkshire trainer Tim Walford-as he tries to defy a 4lb penalty for his all-the-way win in a Musselburgh claimer five days ago.
Most big brown bats in Indiana hibernate in heated buildings rather than in caves or mines.
Most snakes hibernate underground in the winter and live off stored body fat.
Other animals hibernate, or fall into a very deep sleep during which respiration rate, heart rate and metabolism are slowed to conserve energy.
SAN ANTONIO -- Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the addition of hibernate mode to its flagship Mentor[R] Embedded Nucleus[R] real time operating system (RTOS) Power Management Framework.