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Synonyms for hibernate



Synonyms for hibernate

sleep during winter

be in an inactive or dormant state

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So they do what many other reptiles do--they hibernate. They search for rock crevices, go deep down into the soil, or, sometimes, take refuge in basements.
Collectively the evidence suggests that females do not teach their young precisely where to hibernate but they have to learn the process entirely by themselves.
We hypothesized that because of the moderate winter temperatures experienced on Haida Gwaii, bats could potentially hibernate in trees.
"If you win the game you're full of pride - if you lose it, as I say you just want hibernate.
"Small tortoiseshells and peacock butterflies can begin to look for suitable sites to hibernate quite early in the year.
Researchers from Duke University said these lemurs may provide an insight into human sleep, as they are the closest genetic relative to humans that are known to hibernate.
Giant panda bears can't hibernate. They're unable to store enough fat from the bamboo they eat.
But bone analysis studied from dinosaurs that once lived in the Antarctic Circle suggests that the animals did not hibernate.
Individuals migrate to Britain through the spring and summer and their progeny hibernate through the winter.
Abstract: Hibernate ability to work with multiple types of database management systems can be used to integrate a heterogeneous database.
The question whether the swarming bats stay to hibernate at the same site or move away after the swarming season is over was discussed by Parsons et al.
It also offers scientists working with him the perfect opportunity to learn more about how these creatures hibernate. During the winter, a bear's physiology, or way its body functions, drastically changes (see Nuts & Bolts, p.
It's an age-old question: When you're done using your laptop, or just taking a break from work, should you put it to sleep, let it hibernate, or turn it all the way off?
My mum thinks he could be cold and might just be starting to hibernate.
Hibernate Search, a full text search library, uses Hibernate's facility with data structures to inform and guide the text searching tool Lucene.