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characteristic of or relating to winter


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O avanco na fronteira de producao do pesse gueiro, para regioes de clima subtropical e de inverno ameno, deve-se principalmente ao lancamento de novas cultivares, menos exigentes em frio hibernal e a criacao de novas tecnologias que possibilitem o desenvolvimento da cultura (Leonel & Tecchio, 2011).
Chocolate bark can satisfy any hibernal hankeringand it can also count as a Tu B'Shevat mitzvah.
Roosting and hibernal ecology of bats in southeast Alaska's karstlsands.
Chen, "Design and implementation of a hibernal tree classification system based on bayes," Computer Applications and Software, vol.
Given that mating immediately follows hibernal emergence and that reproductive success demands arduous physical activity [14, 15], the cost-benefit implications of subsidizing cryoprotectant production with muscle protein are interesting to contemplate.
In two small, artist-framed photos, perhaps developed at a drugstore (both with red digital time stamp intact), Kilimnik caught the Flatiron Building in hibernal fog from vantages that recall both Alfred Stieglitz's famous view and Edward Steichen's almost immediate homage to it; although the images were made in 2002, the artist titled each with some variation of The Flat Iron Building, New York, 1903, her lens a not-haphazard time warp.
"Hibernal" follows Robbie Holt as his paths cross with a senator and gives him information that he may have not wanted to learn.
Masoumeh Sohbati, for illustrating "Hibernal Fiance" penned by Hadis azar Gholami;
From migration to the tracking of hibernal visitors such as redwings and fieldfares, as well as some spectacular footage from the badger set and fox family.
Impact of the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic wave on the pattern of hibernal respiratory virus epidemics, France, 2009.
Active season and hibernal season estimates were calculated separately using the radiotelemetric data across two consecutive years.
Fitness consequences of hibernal diapauses in the pitcher-plant mosquito, Wyeomyia smithii.
We talked more on our hibernal runs, even in the crackling cold of
Hibernal ecology of the pipistrelle bat: energy expenditure, water requirements and mass loss, implications for survival and the function of winter emergent flights.
The contemporary Americanization or Europeanization are but hibernal impressions on a field with germinating seeds, of a nation insensitive to the history's hardships, ready to bear fruit, within the relaxation climate of the "miraculous seed".