hexadecimal digit

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a digit from 0 to 15 in hexadecimal notation

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IPv6 addresses, as defined by REC 2373 and RF.C 237.4 are 128 bits long; this corresponds to 32 hexadecimal digits, which are normally used when writing IPv6 addresses, as described in the following section.
The number of IPv6 addresses can also be thought of as (insert) as each of the 32 hexadecimal digits can take 16 values In many situations, IPv6 addresses are composed of two logical parts: a 64-bit network prefix, and a 64-bit host-addressing pad, which is often automatically generated from the inteface MAC address.
The hash (a series of hexadecimal digits) is generated by a 'hashing' algorithm (that processes the data to generate a hexadecimal fingerprint of its contents).
The former has 28 hexadecimal digits; the latter has 106 bits.
Names consisting entirely of hexadecimal digits, such as "beef," are also problematic, since they can be interpreted entirely as hexadecimal numbers as well as alphabetic strings.