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the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

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For this purpose, the model of Hexad scale player types and the learning styles by Felder and Silverman were selected and studied.
Marczewski (2015) proposed Hexad scale model that divided players into six categories: Philanthropists, socializer, free spirit, achiever, player, and disruptor (see Figure 2).
Negas, Lead alkali apatites without hexad anion: The crystal structure of [Pb.sub.8][K.sub.2][([PO.sub.4]).sub.6], J.
The coexistence is of major and minor - of Partch's hexadic Otonalities and Utonalities - in that if one tunes Utonality hexads downward from all six tones of the 1/1-Otonality hexad, all the remaining Otonality hexads appear in the process, without needing any independent generative mechanism.(14) In the Diamond the Utonalities run at right angles to the Otonalities - the Otonalities are given (diagonally) from bottom left to top right, and the Utonalities (diagonally) from bottom right to top left.(15)
These layouts may be complex, like the hexad tunings on the Kitharas, or simple, like the forty-three-tone scale sequence projected on the Chromelodeons, the Boo, and used for some of the Harmonic Canon settings.(23) The study of the layouts themselves is important given the highly idiomatic nature of Partch's instrumental writing.
The hexad lists six glycaemic parameters which must be targeted to achieve optimal cardiovascular outcomes.
Pentad or Hexad?" kbjournal.org 6.2 (2010): <http://www.kbjournal.org/anderson>.
THE pianist Stan Tracey is now into his 80s but shows no sign of dexterity diminishing, or wit withering, and he will be playing at the CBSO Centre tomorrow night with his Hexad band, launching the autumn season of Birmingham Jazz.
The Stan Tracey Hexad is at the CBSO Centre in Berkeley Street from 8pm.
The basis for the period of 216 years comes from an analogy between embryology and metempsychosis, which starts from the 210 days duration of development of the seven month embryo, and adds 6 days between fertilization and implantation to arrive at the numerologically significant number 216 (6 x 6 x 6, or the cube of the Hexad).
Venerable pianist Stan Tracey will be active throughout the weekend, leading his six-piece Hexad tomorrow night then playing a duet with saxophonist Bobby Wellins on Sunday at 5.30pm in Brecon Cathedral.
On Friday he leads his Big Band in the atmospheric surroundings of the Market Hall, on Saturday Stan Tracey's HEXAD plays the Theatr Brycheiniog, and on Sunday Stan and long-time associate Bobby Wellins play a purely acoustic piano and saxophone duo set in Brecon Cathedral.
The crucial number was Devil's Acre, which revived the old Hexad format from the 1980s.
This first set will begin with some solo piano, moving through trio, quintet and octet formats, then a ballad feature for Jay Craig's baritone saxophone and a re-creation of the old Hexad line-up.
Does such a notional division into hexads produce a series of large units each beginning and ending at a point of particular historical significance?