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Synonyms for hex

something or someone believed to bring bad luck

to bring bad luck or evil to

Synonyms for hex

an evil spell

cast a spell over someone or something

of or pertaining to a number system having 16 as its base


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I want to explore Hex as deep as they want to go," Schaech said.
Cue a slick Western shoot-out, as Hex kills the double-crossing Sheriff and his men.
Bearing in mind the inhibitory effect of albumin on Hex activity with CPR-NAG as substrate [11], in the analysis of urine, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), seminal plasma, and leukocyte lysates the analyzer was programmed with a calculation factor of 863, and for serum or plasma samples with a calculation factor of 1029.
Jonah Hex Motion Comics is an all-new collection of archival comics featuring Jonah Hex, the ruthless bounty hunter with a conscience.
We need to stop Turnball from taking over the West," Sara tells Hex in the preview clip, who is surprised that the former assassin is now the one in charge of the team.
According to the agreement, HEX Integrated Markets Ltd would enter into the existing NOREX cooperation.
The NCV7513 is a fully protected six channel low-side Hex Pre-Driver designed for a wide variety of loads, including engine control, memory seats and LED headlamps.
The trading hours of the equity and derivatives markets at Stockholmsborsen and HEX would be harmonized in line with the creation of one integrated Nordic and Baltic home market.
JENA, Germany -- Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH, the industry pioneer and leader in the design and fabrication of hot embossing/imprinting tools has announced the introduction of its HEX 04 hot embossing/imprinting system.
Finnish stock exchange Helsinki Exchanges (HEX), part of the Finnish-Swedish stock exchange OMHEX AB, reported on Monday (3 November) its monthly statistics for the HEX Integrated Markets, which includes the Swedish exchange Stockholmborsen, Finnish HEX, Estonian HEX Tallinn and Latvian HEX Riga.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-20 May 2003-Finnish HEX and Swedish OM to merge(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH, the industry pioneer in the design and fabrication of hot embossing tools, has announced here at Nanotech 2005 the introduction of its HEX Series of hot embossing equipment.