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Synonyms for hex

something or someone believed to bring bad luck

to bring bad luck or evil to

Synonyms for hex

an evil spell

cast a spell over someone or something

of or pertaining to a number system having 16 as its base


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HEX also offers a Next) sleeve system which is designed to minimize downtime and make-ready.
Cue a slick Western shoot-out, as Hex kills the double-crossing Sheriff and his men.
To understand the principles of Hex, it is a good idea to play the game on boards of various sizes, beginning with the very small.
Accused of casting a hex, she was once again suspended, this time for 15 days.
For the determination of the Hex isoenzymes, various electrophoretic, chromatographic, immunochemical, or heat inactivation techniques have been put forward [1].
Warner Premiere's eighth Motion Comics series Jonah Hex (Rated: TV Mature), which blends the ferocity of the Old West with elements of the supernatural, comes to life today.
Today's digital marketing innovations means we can identify potential new customers in a targeted radius around the retailers that carry our products, and get our message to those consumers," said Drew Westervelt, COO of HEX Performance, which is based in Arnold, MD.
Quantum HEX LLC is announcing today the official launch of the Open Source Microlight.
The HEX line extends the 808 Audio Brand into the portable wireless speaker category
Make sure there is no dirt or fluid on the locking hex.
series hydraulic torque wrenches incorporate a disconnect feature that allows a cylinder to be attached to either a conventional square drive link or hex link quickly and easily.
6X-Pro's Hex pickup is composed of six small, patent-pending humbuckers positioned under each string at the bridge.
Engineered around art designed specifically for HEX by renowned artist Eric Haze, this collection symbolizes a pleasant departure from the current day status quo in the accessories category and is a welcomed surprise for those seeking to spice it up this summer.
It tells you to hold the pin with a hex wrench to remove the expandable nut, NSN 5310-00-923-4219.
The NCV7708 is a hex half-bridge driver specifically designed to drive power system motors and loads.