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a person who hews

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But Hewer said he wasn't happy with Danny's tone in asking the question and binned him.
PC Hewer, from the criminal investigation department of West Midlands Police, said: "This man had a total disregard for the law and I have no doubt he would still be carrying out further thefts had he not been caught.
Surprised, Hewer said: "Are you allowed to say that?" Dent revealed the dictionary definition to be "vulgar slang, a stupid, foolish or incompetent person".
Hewer, 27, appeared in the short-lived musical show, 'Britannia High,' after the teen drama.
PART.TIME referee Gareth Hewer will be in charge of Saturday's Challenge Cup final.
COUNTDOWN presenter Nick Hewer has praised our Christmas appeal to rebuild schools shattered by the Nepalese earthquake.
Joy Hewer was sexually assaulted and left for dead in her flat in Walthamstow, north-east London, on October 17, 1995.
Its biggest mistake so far - apart from its slavish refusals to deviate one single iota from the same template it's used for the last decade - is to replace the departed Nick Hewer with Claude Littner.
This year, Claude Littner replaces Nick Hewer as Lord Sugar's new advisor and 'eyes and ears' alongside Karren Brady.
David Hewer, Hewer Builders Ltd; Jason Fretter, Tandem Projects; and Dawn Reynolds, WH
"If some corporation buys me a first-class ticket, of course, but I am a man of the people, really" Countdown host Nick Hewer on which class he travels on trains.
The 65-year-old business executive, whose ruthless interviewing technique has won him many fans, is replacing PR guru Nick Hewer, who quit after a decade.
The Apprentice has lost 71-year-old Nick Hewer - Lord Alan Sugar's eyes and ears - while funnyman Dara O'Briain, 43, has quit spin-off show You're Fired.
Karren | |Lord Sugar Hewer For their first task, they have to sell all the items featured in retail tasks in the series' history - fish-shaped balloons, potatoes, T-shirts, coffee, sausages and lemons.
He will give a presentation and pep talk about his experiences of self-employment and describe what he learnt about from Lord Sugar, Nick Hewer and Karren Brady on how to go about starting your own business.