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  • verb

Synonyms for hew

Synonyms for hew

to bring down, as with a saw or ax

Synonyms for hew

make or shape as with an axe


strike with an axe

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Doing the last two surfaces required a square, a level, a peavey to turn the monster beam, several wooden shims, and boards with nails to secure the log in the odd position so that I could still hew a plumb surface.
HeW partners with its clients to improve a wide range of revenue cycle metrics.
The Western Mail understands there were plans, discussed in January, to transfer Wic subscriptions to a new international fund run centrally by HEW.
For health care providers, regardless of size, specialty, or location, HeW offers a full-line of revenue cycle management solutions that lower administrative costs, promote timely claim payment, and improve cash flow.
The best of them Boyd promoted to federal posts as "regional advisers," supplanting the regulars from HEW
Hew said, Even if we brought on solar energy tomorrow, you would not see electricity rates drop.
By bringing information about the homebuying process directly to the community, HEW will help narrow the gap between the dream and the reality of owning a home," said Craig Nickerson, Freddie Mac's vice president of community development lending.
She was able to give me guidance in certain areas and tell me how things were set up within the Diamondhead organization,'' Hew recalled.
Johnson added that PSE&G's commitment will have an even greater impact as it is a challenge to hew Jersey corporations and businesses to invest in affordable housing.
a0240 alt-b (6) solventless epoxy resins hew 502 na (main resin) specn no.
Brian Hew, chief executive officer of DSI, stated "the proposed disposition of Norton Drilling Company represents the first phase of our corporate restructuring which will ultimately enable the company to focus on its rapidly growing core commercial nursery operations.
The european cooperation in planning, construction, operation and monitoring ensures the spreading of know-how and experience, the exposed site and purpose of the building, the HEW customer s service center ensure maximum communication and acceptance effects and support HEW s own solar promotion activities.
HEW") have delayed to the fall of 1994 their agreement whereby GSJII shall purchase land from HEW and construct the company's second golf course at St.
The land was acquired at nominal cost and provides for GSJII to be paid a lot release fee of $5,000 USD per lot sold by HEW in the adjacent subdivision.