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  • verb

Synonyms for hew

Synonyms for hew

to bring down, as with a saw or ax

Synonyms for hew

make or shape as with an axe


strike with an axe

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While focusing on two very different communities of Muslims, both Kloos and Hew challenge the simplified dichotomies of Muslim religiosity and practice in contemporary Indonesia.
For each billable activity category and separately for urban and rural HEWs, we identified the total number of encounters in our sample, the average length of HEW time spent in an encounter, and standard deviation for the average length of time spent in the encounter.
'There is a lack of awareness in how to prevent cancer,' Hew explained.
There were mixed perceptions regarding data quality and completeness, including DHO/HC/HEW boredom and lack of commitment to data collection while a DHO and HEW stated that it is not significant.
Sir Hew's lecture is part of a series of public talks from the Exploring the Past free lecture series, delivered in collaboration with the Historical Association.
But HEW said any mergers should be for the particular university governing bodies to decide.
HEW chairman Professor Noel Lloyd, vice chancellor of Aberystwyth University said: "This will present challenges for universities across Wales."
Author and breast cancer survivor Barbara Glacel presents Hitting The Wall: Memoir of a Cancer Journey, a personal memoir that offers hew own experiences and coping strategies for dealing with the many aspects of cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Health-e Web (HeW), a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana (BCBSMT), handles 80 percent of all electronic claims processed in the state with direct connectivity with major payers, and through THIN (The Health Information Network) and WebMD/Envoy with commercial payers.
Hew Strachan, the Chichele Professor of History of War and Fellow of All Souls College at Oxford University has produced a one-volume work aimed for the general reader.
And how do we keep the dream alive, to "hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope"?
We need to knew hew to write a government grant proposal and what grants would be available.
The Hew Orleans Hornets win a home game at 10:05 P.m.
When Atlantic City High School in Hew Jersey was recently labeled "persistently dangerous" under No Child Left Behind, two new policies were born: see-through backpacks and student ID cards with magnetic strips.