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a commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem

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Input P = {[r.sup.P.sub.1], [r.sup.P.sub.2], ..., [r.sup.P.sub.n]}: a given request permutation; V = {[v.sub.1], [v.sub.2], ..., [v.sub.m]): a set of m visibility masks; Output S: a solution; for i [left arrow] 1 to n do S [left arrow] Greedy heuristic([r.sp.P.sub.i], V); /* Use the greedy heuristic rule to assign request [r.sup.P.sub.i] */ if [x.sup.P.sub.ik] = 1 [conjunction] [c.sub.k] > 0 /* Request [r.sup.P.sub.i] is assigned to a chargeable visibility mask [v.sub.k] */ S [left arrow] Delay([r.sup.p.sub.i], V); /* Use the delay rule to assign request [r.sup.P.sub.i] */ end if V [left arrow] Clipping(y); /* clip the visibility masks after a request is assigned */ end for S [left arrow] Deletion(S, [r.sup.P.sub.i], V) ;/* Use the deletion rule to generate a solution */ return S; 3.1.
The permutation representation also enables the derivation of exact information flow on links, which makes it possible to integrate many useful NCP-specific heuristic rules into the algorithm, in order to significantly improve the overall quality of chromosomes.
Such a case is highly likely under the heuristic rules of our framework.
The second and third heuristics relax this assumption by allowing one group to use a heuristic rule, while the other group optimizes against that heuristic.
The structure pattern recognition scheme is applied as heuristic rule 2.
This paper describes a forward dynamic programming algorithm which uses heuristic rules to detect empirical decision horizons for the problem under consideration.
Examples of analytic techniques used in fraud detection are heuristic rules, anomaly detection, predictive models, text mining and link analysis.
In order to develop a fuzzy controller based on heuristic rules for the gantry crane system, the following linguistic variables and their associated fuzzy sets are used to describe the fuzzy controller.
panty hose), customers have been shown to default to simple heuristic rules: a preference to pick the products displayed on the right side of a rack over identical ones on the left.
heuristic rules, k-NN (nearest neighbor), neural networks and so on, can be applied.
It is known that since the random hybrid rule has introduced the thought of random selection and summarized multiple heuristic rules for scheduling, the space offeasible solutions was extended and the optimum capability of heuristic rules was greatly improved.
We propose a novel trust computing model based on information entropy and heuristic rules, in which, we adopt information entropy to compute the weight of all indexes for concept similarity, and it could assure weight of index is objectivity, and we adjust concept similarity by heuristic rules in order to meet actual application fact at the same time.
On the other hand, time-invariant forecasting models (song & chissom, 1993 [6], Chen, 1996 [1], 2002 [8], Hwang, 2001 [9]) often from fuzzy logical relationships, based on historical data, and groups them as heuristic rules are used to derive the forecasted values.
Other heuristic rules used to generate the initial solution can be: LRPT (longest remaining processing time), MS (minimal slack), SPT (shortest processing time), LPT (longest processing time), or even complex heuristic rules which combine different simple rules.