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Synonyms for heuristic

a commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem

of or relating to or using a general formulation that serves to guide investigation


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In this proposed heuristic, if the selection of a vertex is making any of its unvisited neighbours unreachable then that vertex will not be added to path.
According to the unreachable vertex heuristic, E will not be selected as next vertex in the path since the number of unvisited neighbours of B is one.
Fung, Chiu, Ko, Ho, and Lo [50] conducted a heuristic usability evaluation on the University of Hong Kong Libraries website and its mobile version using Nielsen heuristic and discovered five (5) different usability issues with the mobile website.
[11], exact methods assure to provide an optimum solution, while heuristic methods simply try to produce a good but not certainly optimum solution.
Desurvire and Wiberg [36] reported in their study that there "are many methodologies for analysing productivity software including Usability Testing and Heuristic Evaluation".
Hence, for complex problems, the application of heuristics offers a stark choice.
"This tendency to trust the machine agent more than the human agent was much stronger for people who were high on the belief in the machine heuristic," said Sundar.
To make a sharp heuristic we run the same branch and bound algorithm (from each node) but with simplified data (hypothetical positions and simplified activities: no refuelling, no road costs, etc.).
Since 1996, Heuristic Solutions has served as the behind- the-scenes technology partner for credentialing bodies.
Focusing on exploring human experience from a holistic perspective, Sultan presents heuristic inquiry as a unique phenomenologically aligned, experiential, creative, and reflexive-relational approach to qualitative research that is also rigorous and evidence-based.
If the batch includes only one task, then the batch mode heuristic acts similar to immediate mode.
To help people convert their wise decisions into effective actions, the second heuristic directs that we do everything possible to make those actions easy, fun, and popular.
The Balance-Matching Heuristic (NBER Working Paper No.
This heuristic instantiates first the variable that is more likely to fail.