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requiring organic compounds of carbon and nitrogen for nourishment

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Song, "A novel heterotrophic nitrifying and aerobic denitrifying bacterium, Zobellella taiwanensis DN-7, can remove high-strength ammonium," Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, vol.
Serial dilutions (l:10) of the expressed liquid were performed using physiological saline (0.85% NaCl), and heterotrophic plate count assays were conducted by dilution ([10.sup.-1] thru [10.sup.-4]) and plating in duplicate onto R2A agarose medium (Difco, Sparks, MD) using the spread plate method.
KEY WORDS: Crassostrea hongkongensis, heterotrophic bacteria, vibrios, quantity, environmental factors
The samples obtained were thereafter analyzed quantitatively for heterotrophic bacteria by utilizing aerobic pour plate employing Plate Count Agar (PCA); for Legionella spp.
The temperature sensitivity of heterotrophic respiration in soils from the study area was measured by using intact soil cores taken from 0-0.2 and 0.2-0.4m depth at two sites chosen for their difference in elevation, T2B3 (5.9 m elevation) and T3B3 (3.9 m elevation).
In cultivation without water exchange are reported low concentrations of ammonia and nitrite in the culture environment (Mcintosh et al., 2000; Burford et al., 2004; Vinatea et al., 2010), resulting from the removal of these compounds by the microbial community, which can be accomplished: a) by heterotrophic bacteria, which convert ammonia to microbial biomass; b) through conversion performed by autotrophic bacteria from ammonia to nitrate; or c) made by photoautotrophic assimilation of microalgae (Ebeling et al., 2006a).
After irradiation time, the water was kept in the dark and samples were taken at 24 h and 48 h and exanimated for the presence of heterotrophic bacteria, total coliforms and Gram-positive bacilli.
Biologically fertilization of fish rearing pond means stimulation of primary productivity (planktons) through autotrophic and heterotrophic pathways which are preferred food for smaller fish in general and bigger in specific (Enamul et al., 1999).
Water quality measures (free and total chlorine, pH, turbidity, pressure, heterotrophic plate counts) and microbiological indicators (total coliforms, E.
Analysis of the rhizosphere soils of the plants grown in dumpsite soils at different amendments showed a total heterotrophic bacterial count ranging from 1.57 x 104 to 4.18 x 104cfu/g and a total heterotrophic fungal count in the various rhizosphere soils ranged from 5.05 x 103 to 1.68 x 104cfu/g.
Determination of total heterotrophic and total hydrocarbon utilising bacterial numbers and types.
Soil samples at day 0 and day 90 were serially diluted in 50 mM sodium pyrophosphate buffer and these 10-fold dilutions were used for plate count analysis for total culturable heterotrophic bacterial community and Most Probable Number (MPN) assays for hydrocarbon-degrading populations.
Several studies has documented the detection of coliforms and heterotrophic bacteria in bottled/ sachet drinking water counts which far exceeded the national and international standards set for potable water for human consumption.
specimens Water quality observed Mean SD Temperature, [degrees]C 176 29.32 1.91 pH, log[H+] 176 7.71 0.36 Dissolved oxygen, mg/L 176 7.33 1.81 Total dissolved solids, mg/L 176 273.8 359.9 Salinity, g/L 176 0.38 1.72 Conductivity ([micro]S/cm) 176 544.1 639.4 Heterotrophic bacteria, 175 4.21 0.60 log(cfu/mL) Water quality Minimum Maximum Temperature, [degrees]C 24.3 33.7 pH, log[H+] 6.4 8.6 Dissolved oxygen, mg/L 1.23 10.31 Total dissolved solids, mg/L 24 2,970 Salinity, g/L 0 21.6 Conductivity ([micro]S/cm) 230 5,630 Heterotrophic bacteria, 2.3 5.89 log(cfu/mL) Table 4.