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(genetics) the tendency of a crossbred organism to have qualities superior to those of either parent

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However, only three hybrids were discussed in detail depending on their per se performance, heterotic effects, SCA estimates and GCA effects of their respective inbred parents (Tables 1-4, 6).
The result indicated that for seed yield per plant total five crosses exhibited significant positive sca effect; and out of ten parents, seven parents involved in these crosses, of which four parents viz., ANDCI 8, ANDCI 10-04, ANDCI 10-3 and ANDCI 10-12 were good general combiners and three parents viz., ANDCI 10-1, ANDCI 10-11and ANDCI 9 were poor general combiners, therefore, cross combinations were of resultant of P x P, G x P and G x G gca effect of parents and high sca or heterotic effects could be because of intra and inter allelic interactions.
It is the mirror image of the basis vector S, which is the spectral flow operator on the fermionic side of the heterotic string.
It has been reported [4] that there may be two types of heterotic genes or QTLs.
[18] Joseph Polchinski, "Open Heterotic Strings," 73.
We have also demonstrated that these interspecific hybrids are heterotic for regeneration, which may be of interest for basic science studies.
Significant heterotic effects have been identified in crosses Sehr-06 x Blue Silver and Sehr-06 x Pasban-90.
Moreover, they identify hybrid combinations with higher heterotic effect and heterozygosis; thereby, enabling the improvement of recovering superior genotypes in segregating generations (CRUZ & REGAZZI, 1997).
Among the topics are elusive worldsheet instantons in heterotic string compactifications, the Witten equation and the geometry of the Landau-Ginzburg model, algebraic topological string theory, the fibrancy of symplectic homology in cotangent bundles, and the theory of higher rank stable pairs and virtual localization.
Considering the above idea in mind the present investigation was undertaken with the objectives (i) to determine the magnitude of heterosis as well as hybrid performance for some desirable yield contributing characters and (ii) to identify high heterotic parental combination in order to develop hybrid variety.
Further, Comstock [4] demonstrated that primary heterotic effect is concerned with growth substances which are predominant in plants.
The objective for which the genetic diversity is to be worked out is, genetically diverse parents are likely to produce high heterotic [F.sub.1] hybrids and subsequently generate wide spectrum of variability in the segregating generations.
Two models have been put forward to explain B-chromosome maintenance in natural populations: the parasitic (Ostergren 1945) and the heterotic (Darlington 1958, White 1973) models.