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of animals except birds and mammals

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This extraordinary capacity is found in a wide range of invertebrates including crustaceans (McNamara, 1981; Thurman, 1988; Bauer, 2004), insects (Filshie et at., 1975), and cephalopods (Hanlon, 2007), and in heterothermic vertebrates such as amphibians (Garcia and Sih, 2003), reptiles (Cooper and Greenberg, 1992), and fish (Kodric-Brown, 1998).
Environmental factors affecting the length of gestation in heterothermic bats.
Some insects are heterothermic (= periodically endothermic), which gives them a great ecological advantage (Heinrich 1993).
Low temperatures and inclement weather strongly influence flight activity of heterothermic animals such as bees.
Comparative physiology of carbohydrate metabolism in heterothermic animals.
Temperature.--Temperature has a large effect on the survival of heterothermic organisms: a rotifer, two nematodes, and a fruit fly (Table 2).
At the lower end of the heterothermic scale, the tody exhibits a marked decrease in [T.sub.b].
It is therefore not surprising that some functionally heterothermic mammals, such as ground squirrels (Spermophilus), have attracted the attention of microbiologists.