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(genetics) the tendency of a crossbred organism to have qualities superior to those of either parent

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The advantage of these crossbreeding strategies is due the hybrid vigor (heterosis) observed on the hybrid offspring (Hill et al., 1983; Lopez-Villalobos et al., 2000).
Conclusion: Based on the results of present study it was accomplished that flag leaf area, 1000-grain weight and harvest index were the best traits for heterosis in both crosses and these plant parameters might be considered as selection criteria traits in wheat breeding to develop high yielding wheat genotypes.
hybrids suggested the presence of heterosis for all the characters and similar findings were reported by Mirarab and Ahmadikhah (2010).
El cruzamiento, a diferencia de la seleccion, permite aprovechar los efectos derivados de las interacciones genicas, lo que podria dar lugar a la manifestacion de heterosis o vigor hibrido, siempre y cuando se dispongan de razas o poblaciones geneticamente diferenciados (Cardellino y Rovira, 1987; Magofke y Garcia, 2002).
Standard, mid-parent, and better parent heterosis for grain yield were also calculated for each cross across locations following Hallauer et al.
El objetivo de este estudio fue estimar los efectos de la aptitud combinatoria general y especifica, heterosis y heterobeltiosis a partir de cruzas de variedades de maiz QPM, con el fin de identificar las mas sobresalientes y utilizarlas dentro de los programas de mejoramiento genetico para la formacion de nuevos hibridos no convencionales y generacion de lineas segregantes.
Studies have shown that the effect of heterosis significantly increases weights throughout the periodic measures of growth performance in pigs [4].
Genetic distance as a predictor of heterosis and hybrid performance within and between heterotic groups in sunflower.
Thus, the heterosis phenomenon should be considered, as well as the predominance of allelic interactions of the non-additive type.
The averages from populations and witnesses were subjected to heterosis calculation based on the parental averages according to the formula h = (F1 - (P1 + P2) / 2) x 100 for each tested hybrid population.
Consequently, testcross populations have been widely used to identify QTLs associated with yield heterosis in rice.
In groundnut, heterosis cannot be exploited for higher production through commercial hybrids due to cleistogamous nature of flower and poor seed recovery during hybridization.
They are important tools to identify possible groups with a higher degree of heterosis in future crosses, and to find sources of resistance to diseases.
Los analisis dialelico s constituyen una herramienta util para estimar los parametros geneticos de los progenitores y sus cruzas, mediante su aptitud combinatoria general (ACG) y aptitud combinatoria especifica (ACE) que permiten definir el metodo de mejoramiento genetico mas adecuado (Wong et al., 2007), y la evaluacion y seleccion de lineas en generaciones tempranas (S3) y/o generaciones avanzadas (S10) que permiten encontrar la mejor combinacion hibrida para explotar la heterosis. Tradicionalmente, en estudios de cruzas de maiz se hace enfasis solo en aptitud combinatoria general y especifica y se ignoran los efectos maternos.
Estimates of heterosis in faba bean were reported to be significantly positive or negative when hybrids were compared to mid or better parents [2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8].