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a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the opposite sex

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Put differently, the working-class woman has no regard for the public values of professional accomplishment and eugenicist heterosexuality - i.e., a marriage of social equals which moves the race forward, as much through the private exercise of rational living as through the public contribution of well-bred children and a high-profile example.
More broadly, Goldberg's postmodernist, "no content" view of sexuality excludes concrete experience as a basis for erotic awareness, assuming instead that knowledge of categorical differences between homosexuality and heterosexuality only comes "from above," particularly from a culture's official language about them and especially the language of its law.
Of the justification of homosexuality, a justification which began in earnest 50 years ago with Kinsey and has today blossomed into a massive propaganda campaign in the presses and on the airwaves to tell all of us that the homosexual lifestyle is distinct, normal, natural, "equal to heterosexuality," nay, a gift from God!
However, before I had the chance to hear from Portia, I was disappointed that writer Michele Kort deemed it necessary to take yet another unfair and unnecessary swipe at Anne Heche when she wrote that "fans of DeGeneres don't have to worry that this actress-girlfriend will pull an Anne Heche and rediscover her heterosexuality."
Throughout her account of these changing fortunes, Dubinsky illustrates how evolving ideas about sexuality, particularly heterosexuality, influenced perceptions of the Falls.
But most are now either defunct, abandoned by their ex-ex-gay founders, or increasingly emphasize celibacy, rather than heterosexuality, as the goal.
Another resource, Counselling Lesbian and Gay Youth, urges teachers to "dishonour" the concept that heterosexuality is preferred sexual behaviour, and that even those who tolerate homosexuality are guilty of homophobia and need to be re-educated.
Volume One: Heterosexuality and the Third Gender in Enlightenment London.
1948 In response to the first Kinsey Report, the American Social Hygiene Association steps up efforts to idealize heterosexuality in sex-ed programs.
As this "compulsory heterosexuality" developed a counter discourse appeared that identified "mannish women" and "effeminate men", that is homosexuals, as an "other" group on the outskirts of society.
Fagan of the Heritage Foundation in Washington called "A Culture of Inverted Sexuality", subtitled, "Contraception has begotten a trend which might be characterized as the 'homosexualization' of heterosexuality".
One of the perks of queerdom was that my relationship didn't have to mock the bourgeois conventions of heterosexuality. I didn't need a legal document to affirm my relationship, and I've never viewed marriage as a guarantee of forever.
In the end, the newly extreme emphasis placed on heterosexuality and companionate m arriage fostered, not liberation, but the isolation of these women.
(The authors define homosexualists as those persons, homosexual or not, who actively promote homosexuality as morally and socially equivalent to heterosexuality as a basis for social policy).
Mehlman refuses to be interviewed by The Advocate, and his spokesmen will confirm his heterosexuality only off the record.