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Synonyms for heterosexual


Synonyms for heterosexual

sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex

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El pronombre protagonista de El cuerpo lesbiano pretende designar a un sujeto poderoso, capaz de perturbar otros relatos, otras relaciones, otros cuerpos, llevandolos fuera de la logica binaria y heterosexual.
Of the nearly 20,000 women who completed the survey, 142 (0.6%) called themselves lesbians, 159 (0.8%) bisexual, 311 (1.5%) heterosexual with some same-sex partners, 946 (4.6%) heterosexual with some same-sex attraction, and 18,407 (92.5%) heterosexual with no same-sex partners or attraction.
Gay or bisexual men were 17% more likely to have hypertension and 28% more likely to have diabetes, compared with heterosexuals. In the LGB cohort, rates of physical disability were 24% higher in men and 32% higher in women, reports of fair or poor health were 50% higher in men and 26% higher in women, and reports of symptoms of psychological distress were 45% higher in men and 35% higher in women, compared with heterosexuals.
In essence, the inversion theory holds that the brains of gay men and lesbians are "inverted" such that their structure represents the same structure found in the opposite-gender, heterosexual counterparts (Ellis & Ames, 1987; Pillard & Weinrich, 1987).
Some support for this hypothesis is provided by research showing that sexual prejudice is related to gender identity, specifically for heterosexual men.
The heterosexual did not have a linguistic existence in the early Victorian era, which was characterized instead by gender-based standards of "true womanhood" and "true manhood." The defining feature was the realization of a lust-free "true love" within the constraints of procreative marriage.
The study verified the hypothesis that hemispheric volumes were symmetrical in heterosexual women, and asymmetrical (with the larger volume on the right) in heterosexual men.
From his meta-analysis of studies that have been made of gay and lesbian couples, Kurdek suggests that there may be more similarities than differences between homosexual and heterosexual relationships.
Yes, seminarians should not frequent gay bars, but at the same time they should not support "a macho subculture filled with heterosexual innuendo" either.
Since there is the assumption in our society that everyone is heterosexual, see how easy or difficult it is for you to answer each of the following questions as specifically as you can.
According to the researchers, this is the first study to directly compare how heterosexual men, heterosexual women, and men who have sex with men (MSM) differ in their approach to condom-making decision with a new sexual partner.
NORMAN A University of Oklahoma sociologist, Meredith Worthen, has published a new study in the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy on sexuality and gender gaps in political perspectives among lesbian, gay, bisexual, mostly heterosexual and heterosexual college students in the southern United States.
Pregnant lesbian and bisexual women who seek abortions are more likely than are their heterosexual counterparts to be the victims of violence by the men who impregnated them, a new study finds.
Britain's Supreme Court has ruled in favour of allowing a heterosexual couple the right to enter into a civil partnership, previously a union only eligible to those of the same sex.
"Are Gay Men in Worse Mental Health than Heterosexual Men?