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Chemical attraction of kleptoparasitic flies to heteropteran insects caught by orb-weaving spiders.
In all heteropteran species, the autosomes tend to form a ring on the periphery of the spindle at both meiotic metaphases, with the sex chromosomes lying side by side in the centre of the ring.
At present, approximately 1600 heteropteran species belonging to 46 families have been cytogenetically analyzed.
It was found to be composed of various heteropterans, lacewings, coccinellids, ants and parasitoids (Lynch & Garner 1980; Boica Junior et al.
Behavioral observations were not carried out on the two heteropterans in this study, but detailed studies were made on Bemisia tabaci.
Higher-taxa as surrogates for species richness in terrestrial heteropterans of South American grasslands
A review of nine studies on the effects of temperature on body size of heteropterans concluded that in 78% of the cases decreases in temperature led to smaller size (Atkinson 1994).
Similar results were obtained by Spurgeon & Brent (2010) for the heteropteran L.
On the other hand, there is little knowledge about diapause and overwintering sites of heteropterans that feed on rice (Oryza sativa L.
Adult flycatchers ate mostly heteropterans, flies, and beetles but fed more odonates and beetles to nestlings (Drost et al.
A Field Guide to Japanese Bugs--Terrestrial Heteropterans.