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an antibody found in the blood of someone suffering from infectious mononucleosis

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Decline in % of Heterophils and eosinophils with advancing age among nestling and adults have been reported [21].
Total leukocyte counts, heterophils, monocyte, eosinophil and basophil significantly decreased while lymphocyte population was significantly increased in birds of all treated groups.
All treatment levels of garlic and yogurt showed an increase in Heterophil population at different days of interval, however g3 garlic group showed a significant improvement (P less than 0.
In the present study, all clinical blood parameters except hematocrit, CPK, lymphocyte cell count, heterophil cell count, and AST were rejected from the stepwise regression model ([r.
A rapid Group A streptococcal antigen test and slide heterophil antibody assay were negative on October 6.
01, n = 82; Table 5), due primarily to a correlation between heterophil level and parasitemia (r = 0.
Hoagland's criteria (clinical illness compatible with IM, demonstration of relative and absolute lymphocytosis, more than 20% atypical lymphocytes, and positive serology for heterophil antibody) were accepted for establishing the diagnosis.
The heterophil granulocyte to lymphocyte ratio has been previously used as an indicator of stress [37], and McFarlane and Curtis [38] reported that the heterophil granulocyte to lymphocyte ratio in chickens was raised during HS conditions.
Results showed that the heterophil cells were the highest values of leukocytes, followed by lymphocytes.
Age dependent phagocytosis and bactericidal activities of the chicken heterophil.