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two words are heteronyms if they are spelled the same way but differ in pronunciation

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Bahia's stated intentions only begin to suggest the myriad of issues embedded in the complex project of the Marcelos, especially because Bahia actually referenced historical figures and situations to develop the Marcelos as heteronyms.
Each word is a heteronym, a word that yields two different pronunciations and two different meanings
Considered as not only a poetic composition, but also an emotional, mystical and alchemical work, Ode Maritima is investigated by del Pozo Ortea as an inner journey within the fragmented psyche of the Portuguese poet, a journey that, through the voice of his more primordial of heteronyms, Alvaro de Campos, represents an exploration between human instincts.
The question of names, given names, homonyms, pseudonyms, and heteronyms, structures Bazin's demonstration; the issue of filiation stems from it.
Within the vast range of heteronyms created by Fernando Pessoa, Alberto Caeiro was supposed to be the master, who argues for an absolute nominalism by which he claims to have eliminated metaphysics and revealed what is false in philosophy and poetry.
For the first time a full volume (493 pages) was dedicated to the heteronym Caeiro, including essays by Mendes, Jackson, Ken Krabbenhoft, Antonio Ladeira, George Monteiro, Darlene Sadlier and Richard Zenith; I supplied a bibliography in Portuguese and a list of English translations of Caeiro's poetry.
When vaguely remembering his childhood heteronym, Chevalier de Pas, he claims that this figure "ainda conquista aquela parte da minha afeicao que confina com a saudade" (95).
In the same volume, Relaciones (1973), Gelman voices a similar conviction through his heteronym Jose Galvan: "Hay que hundir las palabras en la realidad / hasta hacerlas delirar como ella" (Relaciones 21).
84), it is uncertain whether the term "Media(n)" is an autonym or a heteronym, and its subsequent usage may have just as much to do with its having become canonical in Assyrian parlance as its (purportedly) deriving from whatever the Medes originally called themselves.
Similarly, in terms of nomenclature, 'the pigeon girl' in place of the 'the dove girl' and the heteronym 'little pigeon' for 'Colometa his little dove' (p.
Especially convincing is his later argument that Pessoa's heteronym Alberto Caeiro engages in a dismissive dialogue with the English poet Alice Meynell, adopting an opposition that mirrors Ruskin's to the 'pathetic fallacy'.
Zenith's article is notable both for dealing with the intriguing subject of "heteronyms" (invented alter-egos) used by Fernando Pessoa, and for including for the first time in print a fragmentary homosexual poem attributed to Pessoa's heteronym.
Another heteronym, Ricardo Reis, also lives in an eternal present where everything exists now, in "an immobile time, in a world that knows neither aging nor deterioration (La nostalgie 33-34).
pastoral poetry, the next heteronym, Ricardo Reis, was a physician
Yet, in spire of his judgmental stance seen so frequently in these sonnets, Lope does not quite reach the multifaceted ludism to be seen later in the poetry credited to his heteronym, Tome de Burguillos.